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This week our literacy is going to be based around the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. We are beginning a brand new topic about the safari and will be learning about Africa!



Have you ever seen pictures of a Meerkat before? They are very cute. Ask an adult to help you look up some pictures on the internet. 


This is a story about a Meerkat who lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari Desert. Do you know what a desert is? Ask an adult to show you some pictures.




Look at the cover of the book above. What do you notice? Predict why you think this story is called Meerkat mail.


Listen to the story in the video below. When you are finished I'd like you to write down the days of the week and listen to the video again and write down the places Sunny the Meerkat visits on each day. Next, write down what Sunny sees at each place.

Meerkat Mail

Keep your piece of paper somewhere very safe, because you will need it again tomorrow for some more literacy work.