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Thursday 4th June 2020


Here is a little bit more work on food chains. (Hopefully you will remember the lessons from Monday 1st June but if not just scroll down the main page to have another look at the PowerPoint)


Read through this worksheet carefully and see if you can fill in the missing words about PRODUCERS, CONSUMERS, PREDATORS and PREY. Copy out the text. This will help you to remember what you have learnt and improve your handwriting and spelling.


Monday 1st June 2020


Before the holidays we started to learn about Food Chains in science topic.


A FOOD CHAIN shows how animals (including us) depend on plants and other animals for their food and survival. Two key words to remember here are PRODUCERS and CONSUMERS.


PRODUCERS are plants that make their own food using energy from the sun.

CONSUMERS are animals that eat plants and/or other animals for food.


First click through the PowerPoint which describes Food Chains in a bit more detail.

Then have a go at the Food Chain games from the BBC 

Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020


Food and Food Chains


This week we are learning about food and food chain. go down the page for new work.


Go through this PowerPoint to find out food chains. 


Learn this Food Chain song with this YouTube video


Food Chain Song

I wrote this for my 3rd grade students who were studying food webs and food chains. Hope you enjoy. Who eats what, And what eats who? Who eats me? And what e...

To go through the PowerPoint, click on ,slideshow' on top bar then click on 'from beginning' and then click on each slide for the next slide.


Watch this video which explains more about Food Chain

Fabulous Food Chains: Crash Course Kids #7.1

Everyone eats, right? But how does that food get the energy to power you? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about the way energy moves, or ...

Food Chain | Food Web | Video for Kids

This video explains about Food Chain and Food Web. For more videos go to: Stay tuned for more videos. Th...

Friday 15th May 2020




Rounding up our lessons on skeletons here is some information about muscles. There are some videos to watch, something to read and a few questions to answer. Next week we will be moving on to food and food chains.


Our skeletons help us to move around, they support our bodies and protect our organs. However our skeletons need our  muscles  in order to move.




Mrs Penn shows you how to draw a face on YouTube, which you can watch here ,but I thought you might be interested to learn a little bit about why we have muscles, and have a look at a picture showing all the muscles in your face.


Wednesday 13th May 2020




We have been learning about skeletons and I hope you have been paying attention because it's:                          

Quiz Time !

Grab yourselves a pencil and paper. There are 10 multiple choice questions. Read the questions carefully and then write down A, B or C as your answer. 


All the answers are right at the end of the PowerPoint. 




Science - Human body


Humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement. Sit down with your family and discuss what you already know about our body and what you have learnt new.




Thursday 7th May 2020





To find out the difference between the vertebrates and invertebrates visit BBC bitesize web page;




Monday 4th April 2020


This week we will learn about the muscles in our body.


Find out more about muscles in our body by visiting

BBC bitesize page.

Click on the link below;



Week beginning 27th April 2020


This week, we are learning about human skeleton. 


Go through these lesson from top to bottom.


Have a look at the picture of this snake skeleton. If you have a piece of paper available and a pencil, copy the picture and the notes next to it. If you get a chance email your pictures to us and we will put them up on the website. Have fun.




Human Skeleton 


Watch the You Tube video first to help you complete the worksheet. You will need a pencil and paper to copy out some text, but if you don't have these you should just read all the information and try to remember the names of some of your bones.



Your Super Skeleton!

Maybe you've seen skeletons in museums, or in Halloween decorations, but do you know how powerful your skeleton really is? Learn some fun facts about your bo...

The Skeleton Dance | Super Simple Songs

Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► Based on the song "Dem Bones," use "The Skeleton Dance" to practice...


You have been learning about Skeletons this week.

Here are some more facts about human skeleton.



I would like you to write 5 Fun facts about Skeletons.




(You do not need to print this fact file out. Just get a piece of paper and pencil and design your own fact file) 

How to draw a skeleton