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We loved seeing all of the characters that you came up with yesterday!


Just a reminder, this was the Humpty Dumpty story that we listened to last week, and the story we are using to write our own.


In yesterdays lesson, you decided what your character is afraid of. Today you need to think about how you are going to solve the problem.


In the Humpty Dumpty story, he made many paper airplanes. When he was playing his airplane got stuck up on the wall.  Humpty Dumpty had to be very brave to go and get the airplane. Once he went up on the wall he realised that it wasn't so bad and he could do it!


Yesterday I told you that Ella's unicorn was afraid to fly. I asked her today how her problem was going to be solved.


She said "the unicorn and her friends were playing tag and her friends started to fly into the air! Rainbow Sparkle was afraid to fly but knew that she had to if she wanted to play with her friends. So she tried it and she had a lot of fun!"



First task: You need to decide how the problem in your story will be solved. Write it on the bottom of your page from yesterday.


Once you've done that you need to think about where your story will take place. This is the setting.


Ella's story with her unicorn is mainly in the sky.



Draw a picture of your setting and write it below like Ella did.


That's it for today! Tomorrow we will draw story maps of our stories so think about how you want it to start and end!