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Good morning! This week we are going to work on a recount again but this time it is not related to a story. It will be related to your own day! I want you to choose a day over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday- and think about what you did that day. Then we will write a recount about it! Today is a planning day, where you will draw pictures to recount your day.


We will still be using the vocabulary first, next, after that, then, and finally once we do our writing, and you will need to think about that order when you are drawing your pictures of your day.


I asked my daughter to help me recount her day yesterday and this is what she came up with:

Now I want you to choose a day over the weekend, and think about what you did first and then the rest of your day in order, just like Sophie did. You can print the document below or draw your pictures in order on a piece of paper. Have fun!