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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


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91.1% (Since September 2020)


Thursday 15th July

Today we will complete our letter to your teacher in year two.


Open the PowerPoint below to begin your lesson.

Wednesday 14th July


Today we are beginning to write a letter to your new year two teacher.


Open the PowerPoint to start your lesson.

Friday 9th July


Happy Friday! What amazing writing you've done this week! We have one more lesson for you today. You get to do some free writing with your choice of lenses for the next plot point in our story. Have fun with it and I can't wait to read what you've done.

Thursday 8th July


Hello Year 1! How are you doing at home? We are fast approaching the end of the week and you have all done amazing writing this week. We are proud of you! Today we are focusing on 1 lens. Click on the file below for your lesson.

Wednesday 7th July


Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

We are doing some more story writing today. I hope you are enjoying writing fantastic sentences for your story.

Click on the file below for your lesson for today.

Tuesday 6th July


A big well done to all children who started their stories about Jack and the Beanstalk yesterday.


Today's lesson will work with the next plot point and two more lenses. Click the power point below for your learning.

Monday 5th July


This week in literacy we are story writing! We are writing the beginning of the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

You can read the whole story here in the power point below.

Click on the file below to find instructions on how to get started.

Thursday 4th March


It is World Book Day! Today we would like you to concentrate on books and your writing task is linked to your reading. We would like you to choose any book to read. This could be a book that you have at home, or one on Oxford Reading Buddy.


Read the book of your choice and then you are going to write a book review. A book review is your opinion of the book. You need to think about how much you liked the book and your favourite part. Please write in a full sentence with a capital letter and a full stop. You will also need to write the title and the author (remember the author is the person who wrote the book). Have fun with this activity and send us your completed work to

Wednesday 3rd March


We hoped you enjoyed drawing your pictures of your favourite times during lockdown. We had some lovely pictures sent to our email but we would love to see more. Please email us your work at


Today is caption writing day! You will be writing captions for the pictures you made yesterday. Here is an example:

Remember: a caption says what is happening in the picture. Make sure to write your own captions for your own pictures. The example is there to guide you. If you need the worksheet again, it will be posted below, or you can draw and write on a piece of paper you have at home. 

Tuesday 2nd March


As we are going back to school next week, we thought it would be nice to spend some time thinking about lockdown. Today we will draw some pictures to get ready for more caption writing. Take a look at the power point below for your instructions. You do not have to write the captions today.

There is also a challenge at the end!

Monday 1st March


Good morning Year 1!

This week we are learning about captions. Look through the power point to find out what a caption is, then you'll be doing an activity.

Friday 26th February


Today we will be finishing our pancake instructions by adding a top tip. Look through the PowerPoint and complete the activy at the end.

Thursday 25th February


Today we are continuing to write our instructions about how to make pancakes. Look through the PowerPoint and do the activities. 

Wednesday 24th February


Today we are starting to write our instructions by writing what is needed to make pancakes.


Watch the clip below and jot down what is used to make the pancakes. You need to write down both the ingredients and the equipment.



Pancakes - Kids Recipes

11 year old Finley and 11 year old Thomas show you how to have fun making delicious pancakes - ideal for Shrove Tuesday or any quick meal. More on this recip...

Tuesday 23rd February


Today we are putting the events of making a pancake in order and writing our time conjunctions. Watch the PowerPoint and complete the activities.

Pancakes - Kids Recipes

11 year old Finley and 11 year old Thomas show you how to have fun making delicious pancakes - ideal for Shrove Tuesday or any quick meal. More on this recip...

Monday 22nd February


This week we are looking at instructions.


Can you follow the instructions in a game of Simon Says?

Simon Says Song for Children by Patty Shukla

Simon says song for children by Patty Shukla. Buy the DVD and CD on Amazon or iTunes.Become a VIP member and access all Miss Patty's videos without ads at ht...

Today we will be identifying the features of instructions. You can print out the word document below and highlight the features along with the PowerPoint or highlight the document on your devise.

Friday 12th February


Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

Today we will be learning about another type of poetry called Acrostic Poems. Watch the Youtube video below to learn how to write them.

Acrostic Poems | How to write an Acrostic Poem

I would like you to have a go at writing an acrostic poem, and i've given you the topic. We are going to be writing about Valentine's day since it is coming up this weekend on Sunday 14th February! Look at the files below and choose your poem template. You can design it on a piece of paper at home. 

If you are feeling creative today, after your work- you could make a Valentine card for someone. I've posted some examples of cards in our topic section:

Thursday 11th February


You have been doing amazing with your rhyming this week Year 1! Well done to all of you. Today we are using the words we thought of yesterday to help us put together an alphabet poem. Your lesson is below in the power point with all of the instructions.

Children should have a go at the main activity and will hopefully be able to manage it. If your child is finding it difficult or you think they need some more practise or ideas with rhyming, I have made a sheet to further support at home.



Wednesday 10th February


Good morning! Today we would like you to start with watching this video and singing along with the alphabet.

The ABC Song

As we've been working with rhyme this week we have a matching game for you to get warmed up with your rhyming words! Click on the file below to play:
Today you will use the alphabet to help you think of words to rhyme with. You will be using the letters of the alphabet today: A, B, C, D, and E. Watch the power point for your instructions and get thinking about your words! 



Tuesday 9th February


To start today we have a song for you!

Play the rhyming words game with Jack Hartmann.

The Rhyming Words Game

Rhyming words. In this rhyming words song Jack Hartmann gives you two words that rhyme and you have to determine which of the next words he gives you rhyme ...

I hope you enjoyed our story yesterday called Oi frog! If you didn't get a chance to listen to it, scroll down the page to watch it. It is a story about rhyme.


Yesterday we gave you pictures and asked you to match the rhyming words together. Today you will be writing your own rhyming words. It may be a little bit tricky, but you have had a bit of preparation with the work we did yesterday. 


There are two activities. Do activity 1 first as a warm up and then activity 2.

Monday 8th February


Today we are learning about rhyme.

Listen to the story Oi Frog! and see if you can spot the rhyming words. Rhyming words have the same sound at the end of the word like cat and mat.

Oi Frog!

Your first activity is to match the rhyming words from the story. If you cannot print the document, say the matching words out loud to a grown up.

Your next activity is to write some rhyming words. I have given you the first word, I'd like you to write the rhyme that goes with it.



Friday 5th February


Well done to all of you fantastic writers! The stories you have sent us have been fun to read. We wish we were in school to do story writing but you have done so well at home. Today is a finishing up session. Some of you may need to go back to yesterday's lesson to have a look and finish up your writing.


If you have finished- let's do some editing! 

Read your story with a grown up at home and see if you have missed anything out. You may want to add in a little bit more. Check that you have used capital letters and full stops and that your handwriting is nice and tidy.


Then, draw some pictures to go with your story. Books often have an illustrator. That is someone who draws pictures to go with the book. Can you draw one, two or three pictures to go with your story?


Here are some from the original story as an example.



Thursday 4th February


You have been doing amazing with your story writing Year 1!!

Today we will write the end of our stories. Look at the power point for your instructions. 


Wednesday 3rd February


Today we are continuing to write our stories. We will write the middle today and we will be using the action lens and listening lens.  Look at the power point for your instructions. We can't wait to read what you have done so far!


Tuesday 2nd February


Good morning! Some of you came up with some fantastic ideas for your own story yesterday! Well done! Today we are going to write the beginning of our stories. Look at the power point below for your instructions. Remember- you can click on the speaker icon to listen to a recording of the explanation.

We are using Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs to help us write, but we will be changing some things. Here is the story from last week just in case you forget.


Happy writing!

Monday 1st February


This week we are story writing! 

We are using the story from last week Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs to help us.


Look at the power point for instructions. The resources are below.

Friday 29th January


Happy Friday!

How did you do with your instructions?

Your writing today is the second part of what we started yesterday.  

Here is the power point just to remind you what we started:

And as a reminder, this is the sheet that you are working with today. Write your sentences on a piece of paper you have at home if you cannot print it out.


Thursday 28th January


Today your lesson is all about instruction writing.


How to Take Care of a Pet Dinosaur.


I bet you will all be experts after seeing Harry take such good care of his dinosaurs!


Look at the power point for your instructions. You will do part of this work today and the rest of it tomorrow.

This is the file you write on, or use a piece of paper at home.

Do page 1 today and page 2 tomorrow.


Wednesday 27th January


Good morning! How did you do with the work about adjectives yesterday?


Your lesson for today is all about speech. You get to do some acting and thinking about what the characters in the story are saying. Have fun!

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs



Tuesday 26th January


I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday. If you didn't get a chance to listen to it, scroll down and you'll find it below this post. Make sure you listen to the story because you need to know what it's about for your work this week.


Today your lesson is all about adjectives!

Here is the power point with the instructions and you'll also find the resource sheet for your work today.



Monday 25th January

Today we will start by listening to a brilliant story called Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. Hope you enjoy!

After you've listened to the story talk with an adult or sibling about what happened in the story.


Listen to the power point for your writing task for today.


Write 1-2 sentences about each picture from the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Take a picture of your work and send it to us at




Friday 22nd January 2021


Well done everyone!! We are now going to finish our diary entries today. I hope yesterday went well and you wrote lots of information about your trip and your feelings. Hopefully you managed to put them in order too and may have even used some adjectives to make your writing really exciting.


Today we are going to be writing your signing off sentence and your finish message. Please watch the presentation and try and listen to every sound button, then have a go yourself at finishing your diary entry.


Please send them over to us when you have finished via our email address

We are really looking forward to reading about your experiences to space!

Thursday 21st of January 2021


We hope you all wrote your first two event sentences yesterday and remembered to include how you felt about what you did too! How did you get up into space? Did you remember to use the word 'first' for your first event sentence? 


Today we are going to write our last two key events, so before you write on your final diary entry, have a go at writing down your ideas of what you may include for your last two sentences. 


For example what did you see in space when you looked out of the window? Stars, planets, meteors, shooting stars, another spacecraft, satellites?


And when you finally got to the moon, what did it look like? rocky, bumpy? Could you hear anything or was it silent? 


Please remember to include how you felt about these two events too. Maybe even try and use the connective word 'and'  to make your sentence longer. Please also try and use some adjectives to describe what you saw eg the twinkling stars. 


Don't forget to write in first person and in order of when the events happened.  Try and use time connective words too like next, after that or finally. 




Wednesday 20th January 2021


We hope you came up with some great hook sentences yesterday. Today we are going to start the key event sentences and remember to include how you felt too. 


Please watch the presentation first and listen to all the sound buttons and then continue with your diary entry. 

Please remember to try and fit your next two sentences on the same piece of paper. Don't forget to write in first person too and try to use words like first, then and next. 


If you need the activity sheet it is on Tuesday's lesson further down this page. 



Tuesday 19th of January 2021


I hope you all had a good go at identifying the structure of a diary entry using our shapes. 


Now today is we are going to start our very own diary entry, pretending to do Neil Armstrong. 


Please watch this presentation and then have a go at starting your diary entry remember only write the starting point, the greeting message and the hook sentence and then stop. 


Try to write small and neat so you can fit your whole weeks worth of your diary entry on to one sheet of paper. 

Monday 18th of January 2021


Hi everyone, we hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week we are going to be looking at a diary entry and we are even going to write our very own by the end of the week. Today's task is further down this page but please watch the presentation first as it will take you, step by step, through the activity. 




Now you have watched the presentation please have a go at the activity. 
Welcome to Anglesey Primary School...Send your child in PE kit next week in an attempt to keep cool in the heat. If they have school shorts or a summer dress, then they can obviously wear those if you’d prefer…To apply for Free School Meals, go to Parents Information and news for more details... You are invited to the School Summer Fair, Friday 15th July, Infant playground, 3.30-4.30. See the parents information section for more information. Please bring lots of coins to spend!