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Who is the Speech and Language Resource Base for?

All the children that are allocated a place in the Anglesey Primary School Resource Base for Speech, Language and Communication needs have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan), in accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Rather than the School’s usual admission procedure the children are directed to the Anglesey Primary School Resource Base via the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Team (SENAR).


The children in the Resource Base have a primary need as stated in their EHCP of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Children eligible for a place should be receiving and benefiting from speech and language therapy.

All the children in the Resource Base have access to Speech and Language Therapists from the NHS, this might include one to one therapy sessions, or targeted group sessions.


The children also benefit from smaller classes, each with a class teacher and a teaching assistant. Teaching and learning has a holistic approach and focuses upon providing as many opportunities to develop speech and language as possible. Teachers work alongside The NHS therapists to support learning using a wide variety of strategies.

The children have the opportunity to go on many school trips often by catching the local bus. During this time the children have real life experiences to enhance their speech and language skills.


Visits to Anglesey Primary School Resource Base are welcome and can be made on an individual basis with the Head of Resource Base. To make an appointment please contact the office on 0121 464 4377