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Number bonds to 5.



Yesterday in Maths we used the ‘Part Whole’ model to explore number bonds of 5.

This model is the concept of how numbers can be split into parts and this is done by using a triangle of circles.

Here is a template of the model below.

Today I would like you to explore the model physically with the template and objects.

If you can… create your own drawing 3 circles on a piece of paper like below:


Now get 4 little squares of paper and write the numbers 2,3,4 and 5 of them…. Like so (cut them up so that each number is separate)



And please get 5 objects. You can use 5 pieces of pasta or 5 buttons, or 5 bottle tops or beads.

Put the numbers face down and then pick one at random.
Place the number in the top circle (the ‘whole’ number).
Then select that number of objects- so for example- if the number you pick is 3 – then you will out 3 objects in your hand.
I then want you to share the objects between the 2 lower (part) circles.

Have a look at how the whole number (written numeral at the top) is split into the two parts in the circles below.


Here are a few examples:





Put the number card back and then pick another number at random and do the same as above.

Continue this activity for 20 minutes and make sure you have done at least all of the numbers once.