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Reading and comprehension

Friday 10th July 2020


Read this non-fiction text about Ocean Food Chain then answer the questions.


Tuesday 7th July 2020


Today I would like you to play the grammar levels on this exciting game.



Wednesday 1st July 2020


Reading comprehension - Killer Plants

Find the answers to these questions.

Thursday 25th June 2020


Reading comprehension: A Recipe for Friendship

Monday 22nd June 2020

Reading comprehension from Yr3


Thursday 18th June 2020


Read all about Captain Blackbeard and answer some questions.


Friday 12th June 2020


Listen carefully and read along with Miss Duncan as she reads Chapter 30 of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. 

Remember 'VIPERS'? 'VIPERS' stands for:









These are skills that you need to practice to become an excellent reader. Here are six questions about Chapter 30 of 'Gangsta Granny' that will help you develop your reading skills.



1. On pages 259 and 260 there are four words that are used instead of the word 'said'. What are they?


2. On page 261 it says 'One of the policeman approached her and rather sheepishly took the key.' If the policeman looked 'sheepish' it means he looked a bit embarrassed and ashamed. Why do you think the policeman looked like this?


3. The policemen didn't find the Crown Jewels in Granny's house. What did they find?


4. Why do you think PC Fudge 'laughed' and 'smiled' at the idea of Granny and Ben stealing the Crown Jewels?


5. What do you think Mr Parker will do next?


6. Can you say, or write, one sentence which tells us what happened in this chapter. Remember, you can use conjunctions such as: but, because, although.

Gangsta Granny Chapter 30

Miss Duncan reads Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins.


Tuesday 9th June 2020


Read this article ( The Secret Treasure) and think of the answers to the questions below.



The Secret Treasure (Questions) 


  1. In the beginning, did the door open quickly or slowly? 

  2. Did the door make a friendly noise or scary? 

  3. Why does Sam need to carry a torch? 

  4. Why do you think the room is dark? 

  5. Do you think the room is used?        a)Everyday?                 b) once a week?     c) has not been use a very long time? 

  6.  Do you think the atmosphere in the room is warm and friendly or cold and scary? 

  7. There are four things that tells us this. Can you think of which things these are? 

  8. Do you think the painting is magic? If so, why? 

  9. What type of book do you think Sam finds? Why do you think this? 

  10. Why do you think Sam whispers if nobody else is there?       


Answers to the questions above.


Thursday 4th June 2020


I hope you managed to read something from 'The Book of Hopes' yesterday.


Here is first story, 'A Song of Gladness', from the book, read by Mr Moore (a Year 4 Teacher)


Year 4 Storytime

A Song of Gladness


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Open The Book of Hopes on the main page and find a poem or a story that you like and read it out loud.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Read the Skeleton Island text again and answer these questions.


  1. Who found the treasure map?
  2. What material is the map written on?
  3. Captain Grey read the map with a torch, true or false?
  4. Where is the treasure hidden?
  5. What was the name of Captain Grey's ship?
  6. How long did they sail the sea for?
  7. Which place did they see but did not go to?
  8. Which words best describe skeleton Island?
  9. What noise do the parrots make in Fang Forest?
  10. Do you think Thunder Falls is quiet or noisy? Why?
  11. Who do you think drew the map and why?


Find the answers in the document below.


Monday 1st June 2020


Read the article Skeleton Island and think of some question to which you can find answers in the text.

I will post my own questions tomorrow.


Week beginning 18th May 2020


This week's reading comprehension is short extract from the traditional tale Jack and the Beanstalk.


Fee Fi Fo Fum

Now discuss the extract with someone and try to answer these questions.


  1.   Where is Jack from?  (from England - 'Englishman')
  2.   Does Jack live in the city or countryside? (countryside)
  3.   What does the giant want to do to Jack?                            a) tell him off?                   b)  kill him and eat him up          c) make friends with him?
  4.   Do you think beanstalk is alive? How do you know? Find    the evidence from the text. 

(the beanstalk is magical and alive because the branches squirm, wriggle ans wrap themselves around Jack's body)

5.  Is Jack scare when he jumps from the beanstalk?                  yes or no?       What does Jack do to tell you this?

(Jack was scared so he held his breath and closed his eyes as he jumped. )

6.   Do you think Jack is clever and quick-thinking?                            How do you know? Find   the evidence from the text.

(Jack is quick thinking because the moment he spotted the axe, he picked it up and started to use it)

7.  Did Jack land with a bump and hurt himself?                               How do you know? Find   the evidence from the text.

((No he landed 'as gentle as a feather')


I will post the answers on Friday.





14th &15th May 2020


The Elves and the Shoemaker

Read this story and think of answers to the questions at the end.


Monday 11th May 2020


Watch this short video: Adventures are the Pits


Adventures are the Pits - 2011 Animated Short Film

A reluctant boy gets more than he asked for in a ball pit. Will he conquer his fears to escape the adventure he finds himself in? My first short film makes i...


Discuss with someone, what you have watched.

Discuss answers to these questions


  • Why do you think the boy is at a ball pit?
  • How is he feeling stood at the top of the slide and how do you know?
  • What would you say to the boy at the top of the slide?
  • Can you give 3 words to describe how he is feeling sliding down the slide?
  • How does the boy feel once he’s inside the ball pit and how do you know?
  • Why did the boy let go of the ball mountain and begin to fall?
  • What evidence is there that the boy acted bravely at the end of the story?
  • Find 3 words describing how the boy felt right at the end of the story.
  • How do you think the boy will be different after his experience at the ball pit?
  • What was your favourite part of the story and why?



Monday 4th May


This week read the story of The Pied Piper. (Some of you have read this story last year.)

Read this story first then retell this story to someone in your own words and think of the answers to the questions.


Friday 1st May 2020


The Book of Hopes

edited by Katherine Rundell




On pages 22-24 read the poem On the Way to the Stars and draw pictures to go with it and send them to me on




Wednesday 29th April 2020


Listen to this story.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy!

Written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Published by Harper Collins


Quick questions...

Why did the boy eat so many books?

Why do you think he ate more than he should?

Why did he begin to have nightmares?

How do you think his parents felt?

What is the message of the book do you think?

Why is there a bite missing from the book?





 Monday 27th April 2020


The Frog Prince

Read this story and think of answers to the questions at the end.




 Week beginning Monday 20th April 2020


Reading Comprehension Activity 


Can you have a go with this comprehension activity this week?


I will post the answers on Friday.