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Hello Year 1!!!


I am guessing that you all had a lovely text on Friday telling you about the competition today? 


Well, I guess we should tell you what this competition is all about?! 


It is an Oxford Reading Buddy competition! 


We want to see who can read the most books! Starting today, every book (and quiz) that you do will be added up and we will be able to see has read the most books! 


When you read a book, you will have to do the quiz as well- it doesn't matter what score you get on the quiz, just that you did it! 


We will check Oxford Reading Buddy at 5 o'clock each day to see who has read and how many books (and quizzes) you have done! Then we will add it to your score (which today, will all be zero) and by the end the children who have read the top 3 amount of books will win a prize! 


The prizes will be given out on the day that each class comes into school to pick up your reports (or if you don't they will be given to you in September!) 


If you read books after 5 o'clock we will try to add the scores up, but it does get a bit tricky, so if you can, do try to read before 5 o'clock! 


If you have forgotten your log ons, or you have a problem you can email us at: 


If you don't log on at all this week, we will then send you your log on incase you have forgotten them! 


Happy Reading! 


Year 1

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