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W.C 11.01.21



Why do we have to brush our teeth?


Yesterday you were asked to write some instructions about HOW to brush your teeth. Here's a short video explaining WHY it's important to brush your teeth.


Why do We Brush Our Teeth?

We all need to do it! Learn why we all should brush our teeth, and how brushing keeps our teeth strong and healthy!----------Like SciShow? Want to help suppo...

Being able to draw a DIAGRAM is an important skill to develop.


A DIAGRAM is a simple drawing, which is easy to understand, that shows what something looks like, how something is made or how something works. It usually has labels, which name or identify different parts of the diagram.


Here is a diagram of a tooth with labels. 

COPY the diagram of the tooth and include the labels.

Underneath your diagram, write 5 facts about teeth that you found out from the video.