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We have a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Providing a creative, challenging and inspiring curriculum for all. Equiping our children with the skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future




For our first reading this term,

we are looking at a Shakespeare play.

Can you watch the first video today and answer the questions?

Continue your daily reading on Oxford Reading Buddy. 



Today is another

Oxford Reading Buddy day.


These children have been reading at home this week.

Well done!

A number of children have gone up to the next level.

Also, certificates are waiting at school for each class'

Reader of the Week.


Nawal, Yusuf, Eshmail, Hussain, Hayder,

Sadia, Sumayya, Farhan, Alisha, Sarah

Tariq, Ridwan- 4C



Ayaan, Yusuf, Abdullahi, Eshan, Khatera,

Fathiya, Aasiya, Ismail, Amara - 4G

Abida, Akibnur, Ayaan, Fateha, Hibbah,

Humaira, Ibrahim, Iqra, Musa,

Juned, Musa I, Noor, Zayaan,

Nyaisah, Rokia, Ruqayyah, Samiul - 4M

How many books

have you time to read today?


How carefully can you answer

the quiz questions?


Can you get closer

to going up to the next level?

Wednesday 25th



For today's reading,

we are going to join a Book Club!




Bitesize Daily Book Club:

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

by Sam Copeland

Monday 23rd November


'The Whale' includes one or two newspaper articles. When we get back to school, we will be learning about the features of a newspaper. Here is some information and a quiz that tells you about this. We are not expecting you to do the writing (but, obviously, you can if you want to!)

Friday 23 October


Here is some reading about whales. Try the questions?



Thursday 22 October




Well done with your reading at home.

So many of you are giving time to

Oxford Reading Buddy.

You are making great progress.

Excellent work!

Wednesday 21st October


Reading Comprehension

Have you ever wondered why the colour of the sky changes?  This text will give you some information about the sky and its colours.

After you have read the text, click on the document below to answer the questions. 

Tuesday 20th October 2020



Reading comprehension - Read the information sheet about whales.  Answer each question in a full sentence.


E.g. Where do whales swim?

Whales swim in the ocean.


Click on the link.