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Child Initiated Activity 2

Activity 2: Role play as a Dentist

Objective: (1) To discuss dental hygiene and the prevention of decay; (2) To learn and explore ideas using imaginative play


Watch the video about visiting the dentist (see link below) and have a chat with your child about the importance of keeping our teeth strong and healthy.


Use your imagination and turn the bathroom into a dentist where your child has an appointment to check their teeth.

Make them stay in the ‘waiting room’ outside the bathroom until the dentist is ready to see them, then carry on the role of the dentist, inspecting your child’s teeth – let them have a go at brushing their teeth and help show them what to do as needed.


To take this role play further, you could include one of your child’s toys (such as a doll or super hero figure) and have them visit the dentist to learn about brushing their teeth too.


Turning teeth brushing into a game makes it fun and exciting for them and will encourage your child to get more involved in keeping their teeth healthy.


Click on the following link to watch a video a real-life trip to the dentist and how we can keep our teeth healthy:

BBC CBeebies My First Dentist 16032018

Ava's first visit to the dentist