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Hi everyone, today's task is to finish off your written comparison by doing the following:


Task 1: Editing your work.


Yesterday you did an edit on your work. Re-read this again and apply the same editing skills to improve it for the final draft.


Task 2: Conclusion


We are going to write a conclusion. This will go at the end of your piece of writing. Our conclusion will express opinion. Giving an opinion means talking about what you think, therefore it will be written in first person (using the word 'I').


Example: I think that both cities and coastal towns are great. However, I would prefer to live in a city. I like being somewhere busy and full of people. There is so much to do in the city. I can see why people would live by the coast as it is relaxing and there are views of the sea but I would rather visit the sea on a holiday.


Your conclusion should answer the following questions:


Which place would you rather live?


What do you like/dislike about the two types of area?


Why might people enjoy both places?


When you have completed your final draft, please send it to Have fun!