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Friday 10th July : Look at how the Tudors were punished and the types of crime they would be punished for.

Create Your own picture dictionary of each Tudor artefact. Don't forget to order them alphabetically.

Friday 3rd July - Enjoy the Wordsearch and Crossword Puzzle about The Tudors. Print them to complete.

Tuesday 30th June


Complete the Tudor and Stuart family tree from the information provided.


List 5 facts you can learn from the Family Tree.


For example:

Fact 1: Henry V111's mother was Elizabeth of York.





Friday 24th June


Time to try some Tudor Cooking. 

Don't forget to take pictures and send to us. 

Write a short review. Tell us what you think.

Tudor Cooking - use this link or view the image

Tudor Cooking

Tuesday 23rd June


The Tudors - Sports


- What sports did the Tudors take part in?

- What did they do to pass the time?


Click the link to find out about popular SPORTS played by the Tudors.


Create a Tudor Sports poster or fact file and present your finished work to one member of your family.










Friday 19th June


More about the Spanish Armada, explained by a child.


Watch the video, then use the link below to  print the map. Use arrows to show the route the Armada took.

If you cannot print the map, you could create a poster about the Spanish Armada, explaining all you've learnt about it.

Tuesday 16th June Tudor England - The Spanish Armada : Read this powerpoint then fill in the missing words on slide 3. There is also a youtube link to copy and watch.

Friday 12th June 

Good morning Year 4

Today's lesson is to revise what we have learnt about who the Tudors were.


Read the text, study the timeline and  answer the questions. 

Can you use the text to ask 2 questions about the Tudors. One could be a retrieval question and the other, an inference question.

Click on the link to complete a comprehension text about the Tudors.

Tuesday 9th June

Hello Year 4

 As we continue to learn about Tudor Britain, let's look at Queen Elizabeth 1.


The Tudors: 


Queen Elizabeth 1:


Who was she?

What did she look like?

Compare different images of her.

Were the portraits painted of her a true reflection of what she really looked like?

Your task is to:


Describe what she looked like and draw a picture.

Watch the funny youtube video about her.

Read about her and answer some questions.

Friday June 5th

Hello again Year 4. Today’s history lesson is to learn about the Tudor Shield and design your own Family Shield.

Watch this presentation and learn about the important symbols used when making a shield.

Once you've created your own, explain why you've chosen each symbol.

Good luck!





Tuesday June 2nd

History -    The Tudors



What did the Tudors wear? Compare the clothes of the rich and poor. Draw a picture of each and label what they are wearing. If you would like, try and create an outfit using materials from around your home.


Friday 22nd May


Tudor homes:


Make a 3D model of a Tudor home. Use recycled materials from around your home. Here are some examples.


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Year 4

Our History lesson for today is to create a timeline of the Tudor period.


Here is an example of a pupil’s timeline for a day.



You will need to read about the major events in Tudor times and put them on a similar Timeline. Follow this link to read more.



Tuesday 12th May


Good morning Year 4


Let's look at how The Tudors lived: .


Tudor Homes: Life in the country and life in the towns. Where did the Tudors live? Compare homes of the rich and poor. Imagine you live in either the town or the country. Write a diary entry from their point of view.





Friday 15th 


Look at these short clips about Tudor furniture and kitchens.



Make a list of what you see and a second list looking around you home at the furniture  in our homes and kitchens in 2020.


What significant differences have you spotted?


Draw and label the differences in furniture in Tudor households and a modern one, to show the comparison. You don't have to draw everything, but a few items which stand out.








Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Year 4


Lesson 3 Henry V111


As part of today's history lesson you can create your own drawing of Henry V111 or maybe create a collage of Henry.


Listen to this song about Henry and his wives. Why not join in.




Friday 8th May


Lesson 4 Henry V111 - The Tudors

Friday 1st May 


Hello Year 4 


Hope you're enjoying learning about the Tudors and Henry V111.


Today's lesson  is on BBC bitesize.  Follow this link.

  • What can you tell us about Henry VIII?
  • Who were his parents?
  • Create a family tree and describe the type of person he was.


Our exciting history topic in Year 4  is the Tudors. Some of you may have started it, but just in case you missed the first 2 lessons last week, here are the links. 


Watch them in the order listed.