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          Story with a Moral

Wednesday 8th July

This week we will read a story that has a moral.  Can you remember what a moral is?  The moral of a story, is the lesson learnt at the end of the story.


Click on the link below to watch the story on you tube.



What is the moral of the story?

                  Story Time

Wednesday 1st July

This week I would like you to write a story that you know.  The story should be based on one of the important people in the Qur’an.  If you don’t know any stories, ask someone in your family if they can share one with you or search the internet.


I’m looking forward to reading your stories.  Good luck!

 Over the next few weeks we will be

 looking at stories.  This weeks story is  about one of the important religious people.


Wednesday 24th June

   Story - Muhammad and the 

                Spider’s Web

Today’s story is about the prophet Muhammad and his faith in Allah's protection.  Click the word document to access the story.


  • What does this story teach you?
  • Draw a picture to go with the story.  This might be the entrance to a cave with the spider and spider’s web

     Hajj – The pilgrimage (journey)

Wednesday 17th June

Today we will look at some more information about the Hajj.  As we read, take notes. These notes will help you to create a flowchart of events later.  Click on the link below.


Take notes of the journey and events while reading through the powerpoint presentation.
Use your notes to create a flow chart.  An example is given at the end of the powerpoint.


Wednesday 10th June

Part 1

For the next few weeks, our work will be focused on the Hajj.  Each week there will be a short powerpoint presentation and a task for you to do.



Watch the powerpoint presentation by clicking on the link.
Write a short story about what you have read.  You can ask an adult for help if you want.

Wednesday 3rd June

Hi Year 4.  I hope you all had lots of fun during the half term holiday.


Last half term we looked at the 5 pillars of Islam, the Qur’an and Ramadan.  To begin this half term, I would like you to create a page presentation with information about The 5 Pillars of Islam or the Qur’an.  You can use the information that we looked at last half term, carry out your own research, or you can ask an adult.  It could even be information you already know!


It is up to you how you decide to present your work.  There are a couple of ideas that you might like to choose from, or choose your own design.  Include pictures if you want.  Get creative with your ideas.  I am looking forward to seeing your work.  Have fun!

Wednesday 20th May



Hi Year 4.  Today we are going to learn about Ramadan.  We will find out about when Ramadan takes place and how it is celebrated.  I have a short video for you to watch plus some information for you to read.  Think about other celebrations in different religions.  Are there any similarities?



  • I know that many of you celebrate Ramadan every year.  If you want to, write about how you celebrated this year.  Did you celebrate in the same way as before or was it different?


  • Test your knowledge by answering the questions in the quiz.  Have a go!



Wednesday 13th May

The Qur’an


Hi Year 4. I hope you managed to do something fun at the weekend.  Today we are going to learn some facts about the Qur’an and some of the laws in the Qur’anThink about how living by rules can help you to become a better person.


There is a video for you to watch and a powerpoint presentation with questions at the end.  The last slide has the answers so don’t look until you have answered the questions.

Wednesday 6th May

The 5 Pillars of Islam


Hi Year 4.  Today we are going to learn about the 5 pillars of Islam.  There is a video for you to watch and also a quiz to take. Think about your belief and how important it is to you.  Also think about the belief of others and how important it is to them.


5 pillars of Islam -


Quiz -

Wednesday 29th April

What is Islam?


Hi  Year 4, hope you are well and keeping safeOur RE focus this term is Islam.


This week we are going to think about ‘what is Islam?’  I am sending a link for you to watch a short video and read about Islam and what Muslims believe. 


If you like, you could test your knowledge by trying the quiz at the end.  Have a go!