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Writing week beginning July 6th

Welcome to a new week of writing activities Year 4.


Enjoy the fabulous story on Monday and delve into the exciting activities from Tuesday. Don't rush!  

You have all week to complete the activities which will lead into another story writing session next week. 

Week beginning Monday 29th June


Hello Year 4

As we have not had any completed stories back, you have been given extra time to plan and write your story. 


We know a good story needs careful planning and editing. Use the activities from last week to help you.

Follow the link below.




Write your own version of the story, The King of the Fishes. 


You will be carefully guided through each stage of the plan.






Use this link to see your writing activities for this week








Week beginning 

Monday  June 15th


Hello again Year 4

This week we will revisit a few of our writing techniques in preparation for story writing next week. There are 13 pages of revision skills.


Once again, you can work through the activities at your own pace, but I suggest you complete at least 2 pages each day.

Read and follow the instructions and examples carefully. 


You have completed these skill at school and should remember most of them after  a quick reminder.


Enjoy this version of the  story by Pie Corbett, ' The King of the Fishes' . 

There is also a link to the story if you want to listen as you read.




Monday June 8th 

Good morning Year 4

I hope you enjoyed your writing activities last week. Today we have a fact file about Aliens (believe it or not)!


Read through the interesting facts and complete the comprehension task today.


Throughout the week you will create your own alien, invent facts about aliens, recap headlines, adjectives, alliteration and much more. You even get to write an advert persuading people to visit an alien planet. Complete the remaining activities at your own pace.


 Enjoy and don't forget to share with your teachers.

Click on the link below to find this weeks' activities.



Prefixes and Suffixes – play the game by choosing the correct one to make a proper word. Can you think of any other words that use any of the prefixes or suffixes?

Tuesday June 2nd


Your writing activities for this week are based on the story, ‘Mission Possible’. Click on the link below to read the story and complete the activities. 


An audio link is included so you could listen to the story. 


There is a range of activities, including planning and writing your own

SPY STORY.  We look forward to reading them.









Monday June 1st

Hello Year 4

Today we are using this amazing picture to help us write a description of what we could see.

There is an example of  how to get started and a few tips to help you. All you have to do is add to the story starter.


There are a few questions about the story for you to answer as well.



Story starter!

The majestic creature glided gracefully through the perfect, azure waters. Its size and beautiful colours stood out in stark contrast to the murky, grey ocean floor beneath.

Many other creatures that dwelt under the sea looked on with envy at the unusual and startlingly bright colours that its appearance possessed…


Can you continue the description? Check out the

sentence challenge for a bit of help!


Sentence challenge!


Can you make a list of nouns that you can see in the picture? E.g. Eyes, fins, ocean.

Can you make a list adjectives to describe each of your nouns?

Can you now write a paragraph describing the fish in great detail?

Top tip: Try to think of synonyms for ‘blue’. A Google search or thesaurus might help.


Question time!

What does it mean to be envious?

In my story, why might some sea creatures be envious of this fish?

Which sea creatures may not be envious of this fish?

Have you ever been envious of someone else?

Do you think someone has ever been envious of you?

Is it wrong to be envious?

Do you think fish really have feelings?

Should we treat fish differently to the way we treat

other people?

Would you treat a fish with no colourful pattern the same way as you would this fish?




Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 4


Well done on completing the novel and writing tasks for Charlotte’s Web.

Today you will need to watch the movie in preparation for comparing it with the book this week.


Before watching, think about:

Which part of the movie will be your favourite and why?


What parts of the book do you think might be cut out of the movie?


Which one do you think you will enjoy more: the book or the movie?


The movie is available to watch on Netflix, but if you don’t have Netflix, use this  link to access a cartoon version on Youtube.


Tuesday 19th

I hope you enjoyed the movie and have some ideas of how they were the same, yet different.

Now compare and contrast the book to the movie.

Make notes on the similarities and differences Include:


Opening scene




Wednesday 20th


Begin to write a comparative piece about Charlotte's Web.

 An introduction is always a good place to start. Say what you are comparing and give a general idea of what you think about the book and the film. Remember to mention the author.


Thursday 21st


Write a paragraph about the similarities between the book and the movie. Here are some words to help you.

also                similarly

similar              both

as well as         same        too


Friday 22nd


Write your next paragraph about the differences between the book and the movie. These words can help.


however            in contrast         whereas

differ                different            while

on the other hand    but              yet

though              although




Which would do you prefer and why?

Which would you recommend to a friend?








Week beginning May 11th


Well done Year 4! We have reached the final chapter of this classic novel. You all have experience of Book Reviews so I would like to find out what you thought about the book. Here are a few reminders of what to include in your review.  Don’t rush it.

I look forward to reading your reviews.




Monday 11th May Listen to chapter 22  Book Review


This week we will write a review of Charlotte’s Web.

Let us focus on the introduction today.

· Introduce the book.  Who wrote/illustrated it? When is it set? Where is it set? What is the theme? What is it about? 

· Write in the present tense. Charlotte’s Web is set…

· Try to include a list sentence and use connectives to join some of your points.


Tuesday 12th May


Paragraph 2

Give a brief outline of the story without giving the plot away.

Try to include a sentence with a relative clause.

Use the link below to revise how to use a relative clause.


Wednesday 13th May


Paragraph 3 : Express your opinion.

Discuss the language used by the author.

What was you first or initial feeling about the story?

What is your favourite/ least favourite part of the story?

Which character did you like/dislike the most? Give reasons from the text.

Are the characters realistic?



Thursday 14th Concluding paragraph of Book Review


Point out the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

Who would you recommend this book to?

How does the book compare to other books you’ve reviewed?

Try to use modal verbs in your sentences. The link below would help you.


Friday 15th BBC Bitezize daily

Complete any unfinished writing and share your review with your family.



Hello Year 4


This week, our writing will focus on describing 3 characters from the novel Charlotte's Web.


We will focus on...

Fern, Wilbur and Charlotte.

Here is an example for you to follow.



Use this link to learn how to use paragraphs in your writing.


Print and use this sheet or copy the layout for your Character descriptions.

Monday 4th May :     

Read: Charlotte’s Web Chapter 15

Write Character Profiles:

Words which describe Fern’s appearance and personality? Here are a few. Add some of your own.

tender-hearted        persuasive      kind


Tuesday 5th May

Read: Charlotte's Web Chapter 16


Words which describe Wilbur’s appearance and

personality? Here are a few. Add some of your own.

small      weak      runt


Wednesday 6th May

Charlotte's Web: Read Chapter 17


Words which describe Charlotte’s appearance and

personality? Here are a few. Add some of your own.

clever        loyal        true friend


Thursday 7th May


Listen to: Charlotte's Web Chapter 18



Friday 8th Bank Holiday


Charlotte's Web: Chapter 19      Enjoy

 For the weekend Read Chapters 20  and 21










Here is an example of a playscript. See how many features you could spot. Your playscript of chapter 8 should look something like this one.

Wednesday 29th May


We are ready to write our stage directions and play.

Focus on page 52

 Tips for a successful Play script.

· New speaker new line

· Don’t use speech marks.

· Character’s name: followed by a colon and the words they say.

· Use interesting adverbs for how your characters speak.

nervously, viciously. joyfully, etc

     Put stage directions in brackets

· End with more stage directions.


· Listen to chapter 10 - An Explosion


Thursday 30th


Complete your playscript, page 53


Listen to chapter 11 -The Miracle



Friday 1st May


Finish off your play script, if needed, and share with your family. Maybe you could each act out the scene.


Listen to chapter 12- A Meeting


 Revise Fronted adverbials



Tuesday 28th April    Good morning Year 4


Today we will set the scene.

Remember to use the present tense and all senses to help. Introduce your characters


Use this example to help you get started.



 Wilbur -  a  pig on the Zuckerman farm and  Fern's pet pig.

 Charlotte - A spider in the barn, Wilbur's friend.



It is early morning in the barn. All the animals are asleep, except Wilbur. Outside, the sun is beginning to break through the clouds.


(Now do your  own for chapter 8)       

(What could be seen, heard etc)


Continue with the story by listening to Chapter 9





Monday 27th April     Hello Year 4

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.

 For today, I would like you to ...

Listen to chapter 8

Focus on:Charlotte’s Web Chapter 8 Read Aloud:

Use the link above to take you there.


Page 52 to 53

Your task for the week is to write a play script of the conversation between Fern and her parents, on pages 52 and 53. Don't rush it. We will take it one step at a time.


Today we will make notes of the characters and words spoken by each character. So all you need is a pencil or pen and a piece of paper.


Fern: Did you know that Uncle Homer's goslings had hatched?







Use the link below to learn about ...



Click on this link to access a range of games which will help with your spellings.