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June 2015


Welcome back to the second part of the summer term.

During the last half term the nursery children went to Handsworth  Firestation as part of our Local Heroes topic. This proved to be very exciting, dressing up in the uniforms, seeing the fire engine, sitting on the motor bike and getting sprayed with the fire hose! On one visit there was an emergency call out and all the fire fighters came down the pole in front of us and were away in moments. We also learned about  fire safety  and how the firefighters stay fit by eating healthy food such as fruit  and vegetables.








We were also fortunate to receive a session on balance and ball control from Mr Mitcham  who is a trained football coach. He used  themes such as superheroes, cars and pirates to create a story around the skills and really motivate the children. It was great to see how well  the children  mastered the difficult skills and  managed to control the ball so quickly. We hope to put on more activities like this next year.  



This term our topic will be Transition as we will be getting the children ready to transfer to reception classes in September. We will be having  reception class role plays and visiting the main school. We will also have a beach in the outside classroom to support areas such as physical development, understanding and knowledge and communication.


Now that summer is nearly with us we have returned to work on the  kitchen garden. We have weeded the beds and planted vegetables such as tomatoes, courgettes, and onions in pots inside and we have just started to plant them outside now the weather is more settled.  We are always looking for parents to support us with both the planting and cooking of this years crop so please let us know if you are interested. 

We will be continuing to invite parents in this half term to share your child's next steps and work together on achieving them. It is really important for parents to attend these meetings so please let us know if you are unable to come at that time and we will arrange a time to suit you.

Also this half term we will be sending home Take Home Beat Baby in a small bag with a book inside. We would like your to child to play with Beat Baby at home and then for you to talk together about this and write up the evenings activities in the book.The next day your child will have the opportunity to talk to the group all about it and read the book with their key worker.This will help to support your child in talking, reading, writing and imagination. 

We will also be continuing to send home books to share together every Wednesday.

At the end of term we will be conducting our stay and play sessions for new children to meet their key worker and other children in their group. New parents will be receiving a letter in the post soon about these arrangements.

We  would like to thank parents for all your support during the year and for all your participation in the many nursery events.


If you would like any further information you can contact the nursery direct on 0121 464 4385

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