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Thursday 2nd April and Friday 3rd April 2020




You have been learning to add and subtract different amounts of money.

 Today you will learn to work out change by subtracting.




Then on Friday 3rd April, see if your mum, dad or big brother or sister can test you on adding amounts of money and working out change. Try to use real money like Mrs P and her son,Mason.






Wednesday 1st April 2020


You have been learning to add different amounts of money. I hope you can now work out how much money you spend when you buy two items.


Now you are going to learn to subtract money.


If you have £5.00 and you want to buy a football for £3.50.

How money you would have left over?


£5.00 - £3.50 = £1.50


Remember £1 = 100pence  so £5.00 = 500pence


Work this out using a number line. Remember Mr Jorden's video about subtraction on a number line!

Start with £3.50  (or 350pence) and you need 50 pence to make it next whole pound that is £ 4  (or next multiple of 100 = 400pence) and £1.00 more pound to £5.00.




Monday 30th March 2020



You have been adding money amounts. Now try to solve these problems and give your reasons .




Thursday 26th March 2020



You have been learning to count money and converting pounds into pence and pence into ponds.

Today try adding two different amounts of money. You can use number line to add, just like Mr Jorden in You Tube video.  If you have not seen it yet go to Year 3 class page and find the link adding on a number line on You Tube video.

Remember £1 = 100 pence

Download this work to add money. when you have finished, ask a grown up to check you adding.


Wednesday 25th march 2020


Money: Conversion

In today’s lesson, convert pence in pounds and pounds into pence.



Tuesday 24th March 2020



The children have been learning to count money and add different amounts of money and working out change. If you can, give children some change from your purse and help them count. Look at some of the Take Away Food leaflets (e.g. Pizza leaflets come through your door) and workout how some of the thing will cost.

Download this worksheet and work through.