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Monday 22nd February

Telling the time to the minute


Let’s have a quick recap.

 1) What does the long hand tell you? 

2) What does the short hand tell you? 

3) How many minutes are in one hour? 

4) How many seconds are in one minute?


Answers:  1) The minutes.      2) The hour.       3) 60           4) 60


Well done if you got them right.


Watch the you tube video below, then answer Q.1 to Q.4 on the worksheet.


If you are confident in telling the time you can complete the questions on the worksheet. 


If you need more practice, watch the next video and complete the word document below before you complete the worksheet.



Complete the worksheets.  There is an easier worksheet included and also blank clocks for you to use if you want to.  Why not make your own clock using the worksheet below?