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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


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91.1% (Since September 2020)


Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 14/15/16th July


Learning focus


To understand what authors do and explore reading for enjoyment.


Click on the link below 


Enjoying what you read - Year 6 - P7 - English - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


This lesson includes:

  • one video explaining what authors do

  • one video of Paralympic Basketball player and sports presenter Ade Adepitan reading from Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

  • three activities


Wednesday -  Activity 1


Watch the video of Paralympic Basketball player and sports presenter Ade Adepitan reading from Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.


Complete the questions. 


Thursday - Activity 2


1. Think about a book that you've enjoyed recently. You might have read it yourself, or listened to someone else reading it. What did you like about that book?

  • Maybe you liked the characters. Did they feel real or make you laugh?
  • Perhaps the plot was exciting and had lots of twists and turns?
  • You might have enjoyed the way the author wrote the story? Did they use humour or interesting language?
  • Were you surprised by the ending? Did you learn something new?

2. Using your ideas, design a poster to encourage pupils in Year 5 to read this book too.

Your poster should include:

  • the title and author of the book
  • reasons why the book is a great read
  • your personal opinion
  • lots of words or phrases to describe how the book made you feel, like surprised and on the edge of my seat

Remember to make your poster look as attractive as possible using images and colours!



Friday - Activity 3

Thinking about the same book as in Activity 2, you're going to review that book and its author, just like Ade did in the video. Your aim is to make other people want to read that book too.

The challenge is that you only have 50 words to do it in!

In order to stay on track with the number of words you write, you can print out this grid to help you. Or, write the numbers 1 to 50 in the margin on a sheet of paper.

Top tip!

Every word counts so think carefully and summarise what you want to say



Enjoying what you read - Year 6 - P7 - English - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

8/9/13th July 2021

I hope you are all well.

For the rest of the week we will be doing some reading lessons based on a fabulous book called The Giants Necklace.


In the first lesson, we are going to engage with a new text and practise strategies for understanding new vocabulary. 



In the second lesson, we are going to be focus on vocabulary and exploring the characters. 

In the third lesson, we are going to focus on making inferences. 

6th July 2021

Who are the Maya?

Today we are going to be learning about the Mayan's. Click on the powerpoint below to read the comprehension with Miss Loftus. 

Who are the Maya?

When you have finished reading the comprehension answer the questions below in relation to the text.

Week starting Monday 1st March


This week we will be completing lessons connected to our learning about Walter Tull. The text we will be examining is:


Walter Tull's Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan


In the first lesson, you will  engage with the text and make inferences about what this book is about by looking at pictures.  Then you will consider the text type and finally generate your own question about Walter Tull.


Click here for Lesson One


In the second lesson, you will read about Walter Tull's family and childhood.

 We will answer retrieval questions, consider the layout of the text and reflect upon his experience as a child.


Click here for Lesson Two


In the third lesson, you will read about Walter Tull’s career in football.

You will read about Walter's football career and track how his emotions changed during this. We will also read about the racism Walter faced during his career.


Click here for Lesson Three



In the fourth lesson, you will read about Walter Tull's family and childhood.

 Sadly, lots of his family members died when he was young. We will answer retrieval questions, consider the layout of the text and reflect upon his experience as a child.


Click here for Lesson Four


In the fifth lesson, you will  re-read an extract and answer some language-based inference questions. 


Click here for Lesson Five

Zoom Groups


You will need to sign up FOR FREE an email on ZOOM to be able to access the calls.


Sign up here: ZOOM

Each class will be divided into 2 groups in week commencing 1/3/21:


Zoom Group, Day and Lesson Time 6DRS 6H 6P 6S

Group A Wednesday 9.50am-10.20am


6S - Tuesday 10:30 - 11:00am






























Abu Bakr
Abu Hamza


Alisha A

Alisha W

Ayana Z 





Group B Thursday 9.50am-10.20am






















Mu. Tailor




















Links for the zoom sessions will be posted next week.

8th July 2021

I hope everyone is doing well, for the rest of the week we will be doing some reading lessons based on a fabulous book called The Giant's Necklace. 


Week beginning Monday 22nd February


Morning Year 6


I hope you all had a restful half term holiday.

This week we will be doing some reading lessons based on a fabulous book called The Firework Maker's Daughter.


In the first lesson, we are going to

engage with a new text and practise strategies for understanding unfamiliar vocabulary.


Click here for Lesson 1


In the second lesson, we are going to

answer questions on the text, orally and in written form.


Click here for lesson 2


In the third lesson, we are going to answer

inference questions to analyse a character.


Click here for lesson 3


In the fourth lesson, we are going

to explore one of the main themes of the book.


Click here for lesson 4


In the final lesson this week, we are going to be

exploring the genre.


Click here for Lesson 5


The answers to the reading tasks are given in the videos so you do not need to send in photos of your reading work.





Below you will find the text that we will be focusing on in the Zoom reading calls this week.


Make sure you have read the text thoroughly BEFORE the call so you are ready to discuss it further.

A soldier's diary

Friday 12th February


Read the vocabulary, click play and listen and then click the link and answer the questions!


Vocabulary you'll need to know


something that makes us feel relaxed and feel good.

connected to cooking

made a connection in our mind with something

not important or has no connection with the discussion taking place

small but important differences

take comfort
don’t feel so bad (because of something else)

Friday 12th February 2021

Cakes, chocolate and crisps! Comfort food refers to snacks and meals we like to stuff our faces with, even if it’s not always good for us. Listen to the 6 minute podcast about comfort food and what actually makes us eat it.

Questions for Snot Science (Week 30th November 2020)

Reading for the week 30th November 2020



The Eagle  (All questions based on the second picture)


When was the poem first released? 


What do you think Poet Laureate means? 


Replace the word ‘Penned’ 


What three characteristics does the eagle represent? 


Who wrote the poem? 


What does the phrase ‘stood the test of time’ mean? 


Find the definition of these words: 







Find the definition of these phrases: 

Gallery of our minds 

National treasure 

The Eagle - 13/10/2020

The Virus

Answers to The Virus reading piece

Questions for 'The Virus'


What is a virus?

What is this type of virus?

Find a word that could replace buried?

What is a ‘brow’?

What is Joe wiping from himself?

What do you think Spencer’s job is?

Why does Joe get tired?

What does ‘retrieve’ mean?

What about ‘bulk’? What does that mean?

Why would they have ‘two large cups of coffee’?

Make a list of the missing words. (Remember to read the whole thing before you decide to fill anything in.).

Monday 12/10/2020

Gunpowder answers

See below to see where Mr Singh highlighted the text for help.


The Gunpowder Plot, questions:


1) What does the word foe mean?


2) Who were they trying to kill?


3)Why did they want to kill him?


4)What was Guy Fawkes job?


5)Find another word that means 'destroyed' or 'torn up'.


6) How long did it take Guy Fawkes to reveal the names of his accomplices?


7) What is 'The Rack'? (Answer is not 'An evil tool')


8) What do you think the crime of 'High Treason' is?


9) What 4 things did the criminals have done to them?


10) What does 'impaled' mean?


11) Why were their heads put on show?


12) Why do you think the 5th November was called a 'Day of Thanksgiving' ?


13) What is an 'effigy'?

The Gunpowder Plot

Reading Explorers: Lesson two

Text 2: The Gunpowder Plot, 7/10/20

Arachnophobia answers

Answers and explanations for year 6 reading task 1

Arachnophobia -Question help

Arachnophobia - Lesson 2 - 06/10/2020


What is a phobia? 


Why/What type of person might somebody want to read this page? 


Find the word ‘embark’. What do you think this word means?  


(a) to get on or to start? (b) to get off or to finish? 


How do you think you might spell this word’s antonym? 


How do you think the goliath spider got its name? 


Find the word ‘venom’. Highlight it. ‘Venom’ = ‘poison’.  

       Find another word in this paragraph that means ‘poisonous’ 


How many eyes do spiders usually have? 


List three countries where you would find the black widow 


How long does it take a trapdoor spider to build its home? 


What type of spider is the goliath spider? How big can this spider grow? 


Which spider has the strongest web? Why are scientists trying to copy this material?  


If bitten by a black female widow spider, what would happen to you? 


You want to research more information on spiders, where would you look? 


How would you best describe its tone?

Choose from the list: friendly, threatening, welcoming, scary, strong 


How might this tone put people with arachnophobia off from reading this page?


Is this echoed in the choice of font used for the title of this page?  How? 

Arachnophobia - Lesson 1

Today in Reading (5/10/20), we will be looking through the Arachnophobia text in preparation for tomorrows questions!

Text 1 - Arachnophobia

Welcome to Anglesey Primary School… Watch our children talking to pop star Jack Savoretti on the BBC .Information about Isolation if someone in the household has tested positive for Covid. The following information is taken directly from a Public Health webinar with Dr Justin Varney: Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council. (06.01.22) If someone in your household has tested positive and your child is 5 years old or over, they should come into school. The child should do daily lateral flow tests. If someone in your household has tested positive and your child is under 5, then they should stay at home with the person who has tested positive until the isolation period is over.