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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


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Tuesday 1st December 2020: Answers for Snot Science

Questions for Snot Science (Week 30th November 2020)

Reading for the week 30th November 2020



The Eagle  (All questions based on the second picture)


When was the poem first released? 


What do you think Poet Laureate means? 


Replace the word ‘Penned’ 


What three characteristics does the eagle represent? 


Who wrote the poem? 


What does the phrase ‘stood the test of time’ mean? 


Find the definition of these words: 







Find the definition of these phrases: 

Gallery of our minds 

National treasure 

The Eagle - 13/10/2020

The Virus

Answers to The Virus reading piece

Questions for 'The Virus'


What is a virus?

What is this type of virus?

Find a word that could replace buried?

What is a ‘brow’?

What is Joe wiping from himself?

What do you think Spencer’s job is?

Why does Joe get tired?

What does ‘retrieve’ mean?

What about ‘bulk’? What does that mean?

Why would they have ‘two large cups of coffee’?

Make a list of the missing words. (Remember to read the whole thing before you decide to fill anything in.).

Monday 12/10/2020

Gunpowder answers

See below to see where Mr Singh highlighted the text for help.


The Gunpowder Plot, questions:


1) What does the word foe mean?


2) Who were they trying to kill?


3)Why did they want to kill him?


4)What was Guy Fawkes job?


5)Find another word that means 'destroyed' or 'torn up'.


6) How long did it take Guy Fawkes to reveal the names of his accomplices?


7) What is 'The Rack'? (Answer is not 'An evil tool')


8) What do you think the crime of 'High Treason' is?


9) What 4 things did the criminals have done to them?


10) What does 'impaled' mean?


11) Why were their heads put on show?


12) Why do you think the 5th November was called a 'Day of Thanksgiving' ?


13) What is an 'effigy'?

The Gunpowder Plot

Reading Explorers: Lesson two

Text 2: The Gunpowder Plot, 7/10/20

Arachnophobia answers

Answers and explanations for year 6 reading task 1

Arachnophobia -Question help

Arachnophobia - Lesson 2 - 06/10/2020


What is a phobia? 


Why/What type of person might somebody want to read this page? 


Find the word ‘embark’. What do you think this word means?  


(a) to get on or to start? (b) to get off or to finish? 


How do you think you might spell this word’s antonym? 


How do you think the goliath spider got its name? 


Find the word ‘venom’. Highlight it. ‘Venom’ = ‘poison’.  

       Find another word in this paragraph that means ‘poisonous’ 


How many eyes do spiders usually have? 


List three countries where you would find the black widow 


How long does it take a trapdoor spider to build its home? 


What type of spider is the goliath spider? How big can this spider grow? 


Which spider has the strongest web? Why are scientists trying to copy this material?  


If bitten by a black female widow spider, what would happen to you? 


You want to research more information on spiders, where would you look? 


How would you best describe its tone?

Choose from the list: friendly, threatening, welcoming, scary, strong 


How might this tone put people with arachnophobia off from reading this page?


Is this echoed in the choice of font used for the title of this page?  How? 

Arachnophobia - Lesson 1

Today in Reading (5/10/20), we will be looking through the Arachnophobia text in preparation for tomorrows questions!

Text 1 - Arachnophobia

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