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We have a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Providing a creative, challenging and inspiring curriculum for all. Equiping our children with the skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


This half term has been so busy with Science Day, World Book Day and now the arrival of our delightful chicks!

Please enjoy our photos by clicking on the Word Doc links...


World Book Day

Wow! What a busy December we had a Nursery... Christmas Workshops, Christmas Song Concerts and Christmas Parties! Thank you to all the children for being so well behaved and to all the parents for supporting us. 


We wish you a very happy 2024 and look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday 11th January. 


Animal Man Visit


On Tuesday, we had a special visit from the animal man. The children were very excited to meet some new animal friends. They met: a tarantula, a bearded dragon lizard, a rabbit, a snake and a toad. 


Look at our photos...

Wow! What a busy week! 


Last Sunday it was Remembrance Day and Diwali and today it is

Children in Need Day.


The children have been learning a lot

and taking part in activities to raise awareness of these special

times of year. 


  A few children dressed up for Children in Need. 



Children enjoying making Diwali diva lamps and Rangoli patterns. 


In the creative area, Nursery children enjoyed creating poppies for Remembrance Day using potatoes printing techniques and scrunched up tissue. 

Parent's Reading Workshop - Thursday 26th October 2023

Parents' Reading Workshop - Thursday 26th October 2023

Black History Month


Recently, all year groups have been

celebrating Black History Month. 

In Nursery, we had an exciting visit from Em

who read us a story called Anansi the Spider.

This character is one of the most popular animal

tricksters from West African Mythology. 



In Nursery, we also read a book called Coming to England about the life of Dame Floella Benjamin. As a child she travelled for 15 days on a ship from Trinidad to England where it took some time to feel like her and

her family were at home. 

Floella is a Trinidadian-British actress, singer, presenter, author and politician. She is known as presenter of children's programmes such as Play School,

Play Away, Jamboree and Fast Forward. 


Black History Month is a very important time of year. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general. 


In class, our children also had the opportunity to make African masks in the creative area. 

Nursery Induction Presentation


Welcome to Nursery!

Meet the team...


Class Teachers

Miss Freeman - Class NF

Miss Mummery - Class NM


Teaching Assistants

Ms Mir

Mrs Yousaf

Mrs Begum


Important Parent Information 


School Uniform:

All nursery children must be in Anglesey school uniform. 

  • Black or grey trousers, joggers, leggings, skirts, pinafores. (No buttons, clips or zips please. Just elasticated waists to enable the children to use the toilet easily.)
  • White polo t-shirt. 
  • Red jumper, sweater or cardigan. 
  • Black shoes or trainers with Velcro fastening please. 


Red book bags and Red P.E. bags:

All nursery children need a red book bag so

they can borrow a library book from school. 

They will also need a red P.E. bags to

keep their spare clothes in. 


Please buy both bags online via the My Child At School app and collect your order from the

infant office on Anglesey Street. 


Spare clothes are essential due to our messy

learning and some toilet accidents.

Please name all of your child's items. 


Parents' Evening 

Wednesday 11th October 2023

will be parent's evening. 

Nursery will be closed for afternoon children only. Please bring morning class children as normal. 

If your child is full time, please collect them at 2pm. 


Please make an appointment via the

My Child At School app. 


During parents' evening, there will also be support available for any parents who are having difficulties with their September reception place application. 




Long Term Whole School Curriculum Overview



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Seasonal changes A

 How does the season change in Autumn? (weather)


What do you notice in your new environment?



States of matter


What happens to ice when we add heat?


What happens to water when we put it in the freezer?


Introduce Senses

Living things and habitats


What birds do we see in our environment? How can we look after the birds in our environment?

What kind of insects do we see in our environment? How can we care for insects in our environment? Can you describe where an insect might live? What does an insect eat?

Seasonal changes B


How does the season change in Spring? (weather)

What is the lifecycle of a chick? What do our chicks need to survive?


What objects are similar or different (bark, leaves, shells, rocks, pebbles)? Why are they similar or different?



How do we look after plants? What happens to a plant over time? What does a plant need to grow? What happens if a plant doesn’t get what it needs?

Animals including humans


Can you name parts of your body?

What do you need to survive?

What animals might you find at a park? What food will those animals eat?


Seasonal changes C

How does the season change in Summer?


Where do I belong in my school community?

  • Look at family
  • Look at belongings.


How have I changed?

  • Recognise how they have changed over time.



What have I done in the past?

-Sharing stories that we did.



What did my family do?

-share stories from family members pasts.

-Eid celebrations


How has my area changed?

-look at old photos to compare and contrast.

-Caretaker talk

What have I achieved?

  • Discuss past successes
  • Park trip




Home, school

Where do I live?


Home, school

Where do I live?



 What is the weather?





What is the weather?  

Culture & appreciation


What is my culture?


Culture & appreciation

What is my culture?




Can I make a Christmas decoration?



Can I make a tower that is strong and stable?



Can I make a fruit kebab?


Explore colours in a variety of ways.

Make simple models with playdough with adult support.

Explore joining materials together.

Draw and paint pictures using shape (Kandinsky)

Use natural objects to create transient art.

Model making to create a rocket.

Work with parents to create a christmas card.

Begin to add details to drawings, e.g. eyes on a face.

Observational drawing – Van Gogh.

Show different emotions in drawing and painting – the colour monster.

 Colour mixing

Use different methods and tools for observational drawings, Georges Seurat.

Mould and manipulate clay

Discuss suitability of materials and tools for a purpose, e.g. paper boat.

Use 2D and 3D shapes to create pictures.

Use playdough with other resources to create, e.g. a face.


An introduction to people of different faiths – use pictures – discussion time  

Diwali – explore festival

Christmas – know Christmas story

Chinese New Year – recap photos of their families / where do they see them in their homes / why is it important

Colour red / dragon / money

Islam – Ramadan 


Christianity – Shrove Tuesday

Eid – explore festival

Family customs and routines (clothing and places of worship generic)


Resilience Bounce Back

Safety & Anti-bullying


Mental well-being

British Values


Economic well-being

Keeping safe

Drugs & alcohol

Online safety



Moving with control and coordination


Moving with control and coordination


Recognise and perform dance actions to music and beats




Recognise and perform dance actions to music and beat


Body Management

Learn body control and balance


Body Management

Learn body control and balance


Singing nursery rhymes

Move in response to music

Create sounds in a range of ways.

Show an interest in the sounds of instruments.

Explore a range of sound effects and movements.

Join in singing songs with actions.

Explore a range of different ways to create sounds using instruments, e.g. loud, quiet, fast and slow.

Christmas performance

Remember and sing entire songs.

Play instruments with increasing control, to express their feelings and ideas.

Begin to tap out a simple repeated rhythm.

Begin to copy singing in the pitch of a tone sung by another person.

Begin to copy the melody of a song.

Tap out a more complex repeated rhythm.


Create their own songs.

Make own rhythms.

Has a repertoire of songs they’ve learnt over the year

End of year concert







Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Colour mixing on an iPad / using iPads to choose colours to fill a picture.

Use IWB to look at simple maps.

Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Take photos of transient art using a camera or ipad.

Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Show an interest in digital books

Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Begin to navigate apps on an iPad with adult support

Use IWB to embed pattern drawing using Letter Join

Navigate apps and websites using a drop-down menu to select websites and icons to select apps.


Story of the Week

Whatever Next

The Blue Balloon

Shark in the Park

Three Little Pigs

Walking Through the Jungle


Story of the Week Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou

Owl Babies

Tiger that came to Tea

Peace at Last

Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Snowman

Story of the Week

Where’s my Teddy

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Gingerbread Man

Monkey Puzzle

Guess How Much I Love You?

Poo in the Zoo

Story of the Week

Little Red Hen

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Oi Frog

Lima’s Red-Hot Chilli

Arghhh Spider

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Story of the Week

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Little Red Riding Hood

The Gruffalo

Ruby’s Worry

A Squash and a Squeeze

Handa’s Surprise

Story of the Week

Smartest Giant in Town

I Want My Hat Back

Jack and the Beanstalk

Farmer Duck

The Extraordinary Gardner

Dear Zoo

Bears Don’t Eat Sandwiches


Sensory mark making

Makes marks using a variety of tools

Uses whole-hand grasp to make marks

Gives meaning to some marks when painting or drawing

Uses lines and waves to imitate writing

Shows an interest in print and letters in the environment

Begins to use thumb and first two fingers to hold mark making tools

Distinguishes between some marks

Begins to draw identifiable pictures

Gives meaning to the marks made

Ascribes meaning to marks in different places

Markes marks to represent letters in their name

Draw/paint identifiable pictures

Begin to use letter knowledge for early writing

Beginning to use their letter knowledge for early writing

Writes initial letter of their name

Draw pictures with increasing detail and accuracy

Talk in more detail about the marks they make and in different places

Continue to use their letter knowledge for early writing

Form letters in their name

Draws detailed pictures with increasing control and accuracy

Annotates work to give meaning

Writes own name independently forming most letters correctly

Uses tripod grip to when drawing, writing and painting

Shows awareness of appropriate size of letters


Class routines and times of the day (visual timetable)

Number nursery rhymes

Number names in sequence

Counting using fingers

Takes or gives a specified number of objects

Explores size and weight

Represents numbers 1-5

Notices numerals in the environment

Compares objects – lots, more the same

Counts 1-1 correspondence

Explores capacity and length

Explores differences between Day and night

Links numerals to amounts

Say the total amount

Represents numbers using marks and symbols

Subitise numbers up to 3 objects and beyond

Positional language

Name 2d shapes

Explore shapes in the environment

ABAB patterns

Compare length and height

Recites numbers in order to 10

Separates a group of objects in different ways but knows that the total is still the same

Recognises numbers 1-10

Links numerals to amounts

Estimates number of objects

Subitise up to 5 objects and beyond

Explores and creates patterns using 2 or 3 objects

Names 2d shapes

Orders numbers 1-5

Reasoning problems – sharing

Use numerals to represent number

Compare capacity

Compare weight

Compare length and height

Explore ABC patterns, noticing and correcting errors

Sequence events using language such as first, then, after, and before

Addition and subtraction one more and one less










































Welcome to Nursery!

We are so proud of our nursery children for settling so well. Whether they are returning from last year or joining us new this term, they have all made us very proud - lots of social and emotional skills being developed and exploration of new environments and routines. 


Here are some special moments from Class NM's settling time: 


...Class NF have had a wonderful time settling too!

Please click on the icons above to see what we get up to in nursery!

Our Chicks have hatched!

The children have had a very exciting week, as we have had a special delivery of 10 chick eggs. The children have enjoyed observing the eggs in the incubator and they have learnt about how the incubator helps keep the eggs warm. After lots of anticipation the chicks started to hatch and the children got to observe this during the day. There were many discussions around what had happened and how the chicks had used their beaks to crack the egg shell.

After the chicks feathers were dry and fluffy, the children helped create a cosy new home for them in the brooder box. Everyday they have made sure to give plenty of food and water for the chicks. Well done!


The children have loved looking after the chicks and they have been making sure to be extra careful when holding them. We will be continuing learning about the life cycle of the chicks next week.


Please see below a video of the eggs hatching!

chicks hatch.mp4

Still image for this video


Our children have had an incredible first few weeks in nursery and they have settled in beautifully. They have enjoyed learning all about our routines in nursery, such as where to put their coats and bags in the morning to accessing all areas of learning. They have had lots of fun meeting and making new friends as well as joining in with a wide range of activities, such as painting, making playdough, exploring the outdoors and cafe area. 

Please see the photographs below of our children's amazing start to nursery. 



Our planning this half term

Happy Hatch Day! 

The children have had a very exciting week, as we have had a special delivery of 10 chick eggs. The children have enjoyed observing the eggs in the incubator and they have learnt all about how the incubator helps keep the eggs warm. After lots of anticipation, our chicks finally hatched and the children were able to observe this during the day. There were many discussions around what had happened and how the chicks had used their beaks to crack the egg shell. 

After the chicks' feathers were all dry and fluffy, the children worked hard to make them a cosy new home in the brooder box. Everyday, they have made sure to give plenty of food and water for the chicks. Well done everyone! 


The children have also loved looking after the chicks and made sure to be extra careful when holding them. They have also enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a chicken during their learning group time.


Please see below for a video of the eggs hatching and photographs of the children's experiences. 



Nursery Chicks Hatching 2022

Welcome back- 2022!


We hope you had a fantastic holiday and that you spent lots of quality time together as a family during the time off from school.

The children have done a great job with settling back into their routines!

Here are some pictures of us reconnecting with our peers.

Welcome to Nursery


We would like to welcome all of our new children and parents to Anglesey Primary School. In nursery we have an amazing new open plan learning unit that the children are able to access independently. Throughout the week the children take part in a variety of learning, consisting of both child initiated and adult led. Our priority at the beginning of the year is to ensure all our children feel happy and safe, so they are confident and ready to start learning.

Each half term we will update the website with a parent plan, as well as sending home Tapestry observations, so that you can see what your child has been learning at school and be able to support your child's learning at home. 



NS - Miss Spilsbury and Miss Begum

NB- Miss Bradbury and Miss Mir

Speech and Language - Mrs Yousaf and Mrs Risat

Assistant Head Teacher: EYFS - Mrs Uredi


Here are some ways you can help your child when they first start nursery:

Toilet Training

Dressing and undressing

Feeding themselves

Have a good sleep routine

Recognising their name

Writing their name

Listening to stories 

Talking together

Answering and asking questions


Recognising numbers

Following instructions

If you would like any help or support with your child's learning then please speak to a member of the nursery team and they will be happy to help.