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W,C 25.01.21

Friday  29th January 2021


Fun Friday Reading


It's the end of the week! Listen to Chapter 5 of Gangsta Granny and answer the questions below. 

Gangsta Granny Chapter 5

Miss Duncan reads chapter 5 of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins.



1. Can you find the SIMILE on P47? (A simile is when you compare one thing to another)


2. How does the author SHOW the reader that the characters are shouting at each other during the phonecall?


3. At breakfast why does Ben think that Granny has been crying?


4. List three things that Granny usually does during the week.


5. 'She REVVED the engine.' is written on P54. What do you think 'REVVED' means?




Thursday 28th January 2021


Today we will be continuing with Gangsta Granny chapter 4.  After listening to the chapter pleasae answer the questions below.

Gangsta Granny Chapter 4



1) On page 44, what alliteration does Ben wish he could do on a Friday night?



2) *What does this involve?





3) Guiltily means

a) ashamed                b) ash dieback             c) a sheep


4) Typical means

a) useful                    b) usual                      c) used car dealer


5) Hectic means

a) bus                        b) busy                    c) Buster Bloodvessel


6) Eventually means

a) at first                    b) at last                     c) atlas

Wednesday 27/01/21




Gangster Granny, wow. aren't we lucky to hear this being read from such a varied and exciting voice... I wonder who it could be.


So your questions today aren't comprehension style. I want you to do some predicting. Your job is to listen to the chapter and at the end I want you to make a prediction about what is going to happen next. You need to think about what are the next events, how will it affect the characters, how will the story change? Will there be a twist?



Gangsta Granny Chapter 3

Miss Duncan reads Chapter 3 of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

    Tuesday 26th January 2021


   Chapter 2 - Gangsta Granny


Read Chapter 2 with Miss D and answer the comprehension questions.



Gangsta Granny Chapter 2

Miss Duncan continues to read Gangsta Granny, the hilarious number one bestseller by David Walliams.

1. Imagine yourself as Ben. How would you feel if you had to spend every Friday night with your grandmother?


2. 'Her TV was broken since 1992. And now it was covered in dust so thick it was like fur'. Can you spot the simile in this sentence? Think of your own simile to describe the intensity of the dust. 

3. Can you think of any activities Ben can do with his grandmother to lighten up his mood and have fun?


4. “She reeked of cabbage”. What does ‘reeked’ mean?

5. “Constantly blew off without even acknowledging it”. What do you think this means?


6. Ben and Granny found it difficult to talk to each other. What can they do to solve this problem?

7. Based on the different types of books Granny had stacked in her house, what kind of person do you think she was when she was a young adult? Was she always as boring as Ben claims?


8. Why do you think Granny was obsessed with gangsters?


9. If you were Ben’s friend, what advice would you give to him for Friday nights with his granny?


10. Can you predict what will happen in the next chapter?

Monday 25th January 2021


Welcome to your Reading lesson


Here is a video of Miss Duncan reading Gangsta Granny, by David Walliams. Try and READ ALONG with Miss Duncan. Then have a go at answering the questions below. All the questions are based on Chapter 1 so you might have to zoom backwards and forwards through the video to help you answer the  questions..

Gangsta Granny Chapter 1

Gangsta Granny written by David Walliams and illustrated by Tony RossChapter 1 Miss Duncan reads the hilarious number one bestseller by David Walliams

Here are 8 questions about Chapter 1. You can write down your answers or just discuss them with someone else in your family. Answers will be posted on Year 3 Google Classroom on Tuesday.




1. What would Ben do, rather than watch ballroom dancing?

2. Why do you think Granny waits by the window for Ben to arrive?

3. What jobs do Ben's mum and dad do?

4. What are 3 things that Ben doesn't like about his granny.

5. Explain why mom sometimes arrives looking like a clown.

6. What do you think 'grudgingly' means? (Page 17)

7. Does Ben like cabbage soup? How do you know?

8. Why do you think Ben's granny might be called Gangsta Granny?