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We have had some excellent pictures of the Mosque designs that you have created at home! We hope you enjoyed the time to draw and construct your projects. Well done to all of you!

Wednesday 27th January 2021


This term in RE we have decided that we would like you to do a project on Islam.

In Year 1 we have decided that we want you to design and create a mosque.

As you all are at home we thought that this will be a fantastic time for you to focus on your creative skills.

You can use any materials you find at home. We welcome 3D models of a Mosque, made by using: plasticine, play dough, paper mâché, recyclable materials, cardboard or even Lego.

Make sure you do some research online by looking at the key features of a Mosque to help you with your designs.

Your 3D model must be able to stand up on its own. Be creative! Be imaginative! See below for some ideas.

You will have two whole weeks to complete your project.

Please send us your pics of our finished mosques to

Watch the video below to get some ideas of what your Mosque should look like.


The Oldest Mosques in the World | Ancient Mosques

In this Video, we have for you some of the world's oldest Mosques (masjids), in order of their respective age, so the oldest one comes first, followed by the...

Next have a go by drawing a sketch of your mosque on a plain piece of paper, 

Make sure you add the key features, a Dome and a Minaret,

have a look at the video to give you some ideas on how to draw a Mosque.

How to Draw a Mosque Easy Drawing - Coloring Page

Learn how to draw a mosque drawing & coloring page easy step by step for kids, children, baby & beginners made by How2Draw Easily. 👉 We are recommending the...


Here are some ideas of what your finished mosque could look like.

Hello everyone... The 24 Hour Live teach-a-thon has raised an incredible £5689. Mr Keeling and Mr Jordan will be purchasing devices very soon. Thank you for all of your support and donations. This will really make a huge difference to the remote learning of lots of our pupils.