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Wednesday 3rd March

Let's continue our tour of the United Kingdom - we are hopping across the sea to Northern Ireland, the smallest of the countries of the UK.

Monday March 1st

Happy St David's Day! Continuing on from the work we did last week about Wales we are going to learn about the ways in which Welsh Children celebrate their national day, which is today!

Wednesday 24th February

Have a watch of the video below - in it we explore the features of and a few of the landmarks of Wales.

Monday 22nd February

Hi there everyone! I hope you've all had a really refreshing break and are coming back ready to learn lots!

Becasue we have had a week off, we are going to review some of the things we have learnt about the UK and see how much you've remembered. If you click on the link below, you'll get taken to a really excellent Bitesize lesson all about the UK. There are several things to read, a couple of videos to watch, and quite a few questions to answer. As always, let us know how you get on at

Monday 8th February

Hi there Geography fans! Please watch my video below to learn a bit about one of our United Kingdom countries - Scotland.

Wednesday 3rd Febraury 2021

Welcome back Geography fans! Lets have a think in a bit more depth about the counrty in which we live. We will start off by looking at England before moving onto other countries in the UK. Today we will look at the landmarks and a bit about the counties of England too. Please have a look at my video lesson below!

Monday 1st February

Hi children! I hope you are having great fun watching the live Teach a thon on our Youtube channel where Mr Keeling and Mr Jordan will teach for a full 24 hours!

Let's carry on thinking about the country we live in - the United Kingdom which is comprised of four countries. Learn this song to start memorising some simple facts about them!

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Hi there all! Time for more Geography! Ok so we've gone global and looked at the big picture of the Continents....

Let's zoom in now for a week or so to have a look at the country we live in - the United Kingdom. It's really important that we start to understand that we live in a state that's made up of four countries - England (where we are), Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please watch the videon below to explore the United Kingdom and for next lesson you MUST know the names of these four countries and you really SHOULD know their capitals too - England's is London, Wales is Cardiff, Northern Ireland Belfast and Scotland's capital is Edinburgh.

Monday 25th January 2021

Try out my fun quiz that reviews the things we have learnt in our previous two Geography lessons about continents and super continents.

Wednesday 20th January 2020

Please have a look at my Geography lesson below. You will need to click on the slides and wait for my audio explanation to start. It looks at the huge supercontinents that came before our current seven continents. I hope you enjoy!

Supercontinents lesson

My friend Mr Vogel teaches Geography to big children. In this video that he has made especially for you guys, he explains what lies beneath the continents that we have been learning about. I hope you enjoy! We will learn more about tectonic plates and their effect on our world later in the week. From Mrs Galloway



Tectonic Plates Explained by Mr Vogel

Hi all, in this video which is a follow up to my Continents videos, my friend Mr Vogel will explain what lies beneath our continents.

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