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We have a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Providing a creative, challenging and inspiring curriculum for all. Equiping our children with the skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future

Your Photos

We are so happy to see some of the amazing things you are doing at home.


If you would like to send some photos or videos in to us at Nursery, then please use the email address:


We look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos and videos soon!

Joshua has been writing his name at home. He has been carefully tracing over the letters of his name. His writing looks fantastic -well done Joshua!

Yusuf has made a dinosaur out of a paper plate. He has used lots of pointy triangles down the dinosaur's back. Well done Yusuf!

Armaan has sent us some photos today. He has been writing his name independently and working hard to form his letters correctly. He has drawn a picture of Anna from Frozen who is wearing a beautiful dress decorated with lots of different shapes. He has also painted a colourful snow man with pom pom buttons and a carrot nose. 

Yusuf has been enjoying drawing and tracing over lines and patterns on a tablet at home. Well done Yusuf for developing your fine motor control! The app he is using is called 'Writing Wizard' if anyone else wants to try it!

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Yahya and Khadija have sent us some photos and a video from home. They have been very busy! They have been helping with cooking, drawing different shapes and writing letters. They look like they are having lots of fun with their playdough cutters! 

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Yusuf found a selection of leaves to make a fantastic collage.

Raisa's video

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It is so lovely to receive a video from Raisa, who has been telling a story about bears. It is wonderful to see how confident and happy she is. What a wonderful thing to do at home! Thank you for sharing your story with us Raisa!

Today we have some photos from Maya who has been busy at home. She and her brother planted some seeds and helped them grow into tall leafy plants by giving them lots of water and keeping them in the sunshine. Maya has also been baking in the kitchen. It looks delicious! Maya has used her toy kitchen to set up a shop selling clothes and toys. She has also been practising her mark making and phonic sounds. Well done Maya!

Naimul has been very busy at home while Nursery is closed, he has sent some photographs in to show us! Naimul made a sunshine out of his pencil crayons, he has been busy colouring and also made a lovely gesture to thank NHS staff. This is so lovely to see! Thank you for sending these photographs in, we look forward to seeing more!
We have received some photos of Yusuf, who has been very busy! Yusuf has been painting a blossom tree, constructing a rocket out of recycling materials, drawing outside and playing a game with his sister. 

We have received more photos this week of Nursery children doing some lovely activities at home!

Yunus has been incredibly busy, completing a variety of activities such as  practising writing his name outside in the garden, learning about colours and shapes, making chocolate rice crispie cakes, building with Lego, colouring Ramadan postcards to send to family, painting pebbles from the garden and exercising with Joe Wicks. There are some photos below. It's so lovely to see what you have been doing at home Yunus! It looks like you are having so much fun and learning lots along the way!


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Eesa has been practising his letter sounds while he has been at home. Well done Eesa!

Eesa also made his name out of pencil crayons. A lovely idea and very creative! Well done Eesa! Thank you for sharing your activities with us, we are really enjoying seeing what you are all doing at home.

Keyaan has also been busy at home and has sent us some brilliant drawings of superheros, some bead masks and some maths work. 

We are so happy to see some of the amazing things you are doing at home. This week, we have received some photos of Nuha, who has been very busy!

Nuha has been planting seeds, that are going to grow into flowers. We look forward to seeing them develop! She has also been busy in the garden, finding lots of natural objects to make a spectacular collage. We love the lanterns that Nuha and her sisters have made for Ramadan. They look beautiful! Nuha has also been experimenting with objects in water to see which ones sink and which ones float. We look forward to hearing about the results! Well done Nuha and family! Thank you for sending these photos in to us at Nursery. 

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