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Writing / Literacy



The Write Stuff

'The Girls'


This week we are looking at the story ‘The Girls’ by Lauren Ace.


Yesterday we learned about how Alice had become a mum and we described the things that we noticed about her baby using the noticing/looking lens.


For today’s lesson please watch and listen to the video below (the link is also attached) and pause it at 4mins 27sec.





Take a look at a close-up picture of the story below.

Here you can see Lottie showing a book of pictures to the children of things that she had seen.



We are going to look at the ‘touching’ lens for our discussion and writing.



Take a closer look at the pictures in the book. Do you notice the picture of a mountain?

What does the mountain feel like if you were to be there for real and touching it?


Talk and have a go at writing words about what you think the mountain would feel like.


Here are some examples:
- cold
- icy




Now…I’ve got a sentence in my head for this picture …. My sentence is…


She went to frozen, snowy mountains.


Maybe you can come up with your own verbal sentence to describe what you think the mountains would feel like!

You could even have a go at using your phonics to write your own sentence about the picture.


"The Girls" by Lauren Ace and Jenny Lovlie

A request from my niece, Mia, who is a strong, intelligent and beautiful girl.