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Year 2

Easter Holiday Homework!


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Your challenge is to make a junk model house from this time.



Homes in 1666 looked similar to this –


You will need different sized cardboard boxes, scissors, glue, paper.

Houses were wooden and some had thatched straw roofs so you could even use twigs or wool to look like straw.

You have all of the Easter holidays to complete this project.


Please bring to school on Monday 24th April 2017.


Thank you,

Year Two Staff.

Almost the end of Spring Term!...... Year Two enjoyed a wonderful visit from the CBSO!

Spring Term!

Pirate Assembly videos

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This term we have done a lot of work on the topic of pirates. The children have really enjoyed this. 


Upcoming Events:


15th February  - We have a theatre company coming to school to perform a story called Robin Hood and the Withering Forest. You will receive a letter about this.  


16th February - Year Two will be performing a pirate assembly to showcase all the work we have done this half term. 


20th March - The children will have the opportunity to take part in a workshop about the Great Fire of London called Where There's Smoke. 


Curriculum Showcase:

2F have been using objects to make bar models to  help them find number facts for 10 and 20. 



This Autumn!


During this half term we have been finding out about light and electricity. To support this topic we will be visiting the Thinktank at Millennium Point in Birmingham. The children are very excited about this!  


Also, this week we had a visitor in a school. He was called Paul and taught the children all about road safety. The children learnt about the Green Cross Code, Being Safe and Seen, car seat safety, bike safety and about wearing helmets and much much more. 

Year 2's homework was to make a habitat for a woodland creature

2K performing The Gruffalo

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The Lickey Hills


We visited the Lickey Hills on Tuesday 27th September to find out about an animal habitat.

In science we have been looking at habitats to see which animals and plants live there.

We made animal habitats and collected things we found on the floor of the woods.

Some of our Lickey Hills Photographs. Look in the Gallery for even more!

All the staff in Year Two would like to welcome back all of our parents and children. We are looking forward to sharing all the fun things we do throughout the year with you so

keep an eye on our school website! 


We have the following members of staff working in Year Two this year:


Class  2K 2F 2G
Teacher  Mrs Kelk (Year Manager) Miss Freeman  Miss Gill
Teaching assistant  Miss De-Costa  Miss Khatun  Miss Roberts-Lawler 



Coming Soon!

We will be going to the Lickey Hills very soon so look out for the forthcoming letters.