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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

91.1% (Since September 2020)


Two main challenges today:


1. Division

2. Competition


The competition is between the three classes on TT Rockstars.


It starts at 12 noon today and finishes on Friday.


Daily times are:


8.45am - 6.00pm


Please help your class to do well.

Monday 25th January


This week we are going to learn an important skill

which will teach us how to solve

division problems in Year 4.


Work through this video

and see how many of the six steps

you can teach to someone in your family.

Year 4 Maths Revision: Division

What is the Q word?
When is the answer 0?
What comes after 10 and 5?

Which of these divisions can you do now?


Please send us your answers.


Easier:     65 divided by 5


Medium:    126 divided by 3


Harder:   377 divided by 13



This week we are going to learn how to calculate the area of a 2D shape.  The area is the amount of space inside a shape.

Friday 22nd January


No video to watch today Year 4.  We are going straight to measuring area.  If you can’t remember how to calculate the area, you can always watch yesterdays video again. 


REMEMBER:  The measurement of area is measured in squares, so we write cm² after

                the answer.  E.g. 12cm²


After that, you have 8 revision multiplication questions using the grid method, which will gradually get more difficult.  If you can’t remember how to use the grid method, scroll down to last week’s work.  As usual, the answers will be provided for you to check your answers after.


You can also use TTRS to practice your times tables and play Hit The Button.

Grid method questions


a)  32  x  4  =                                             e)   351  x  3  = 
b)  65  x  2  =                                              f)    239   x   5  =


c)  33  x  12  =                                           g)   561  x   21   =
       d)    58  x  20  =                                           h)   182  x  152 

Thursday 21st January


Today we will be comparing areas.  Can you remember the symbol that we can use to compare?


Do these symbols look familiar?  < and >

     <  less than         >  more than/greater than


You will be using these symbols to answer some of today's questions. 


Watch the video below.  This will show you how to compare the area of shapes.  The second half of the video will show you how to order the shapes according to the area and finding the difference between the smallest and largest area.


Can you remember how to find the difference?  To find the difference, we subtract the smaller number from the larger number.   E.g. What is the difference between  4 and 9?

To find the answer we would subtract.  So 9 - 4 = 5.  The difference is 5.


If you want to practice finding the difference, click on the word document.  The answers are provided for you.

Spr4.4.4 - Comparing area



Here is today's video to help with division ...

Division on a number line

Try some of these questions to see how you are doing:


Easier -


35 divided by 5


42 divided by 6


52 divided by 4


48 divided by 3


24 divided by  8



117 divided by 9


133 divided by 7


172 divided by 4


132 divided by 6


252 divided by 12



299 divided by 13


 204 divided by 17


529 divided by 23


 522 divided by 18


 290 divided by  31

Here are the worksheets that go with the video.  You can check your answers after you have completed the work.

Wednesday 20th January


Today we are focussing on how to make different shapes with the same area.  You will come across the word RECTILINEAR which means 'moving to make straight line'.  Listen to the video and pause at 3:55 to answer questions 1 to 4.  The second part demonstrates how to change a shape to make it a square.  Pause the video at 4:55 to answer questions 5 to 8.  The remaining part of the video explains how to make rectilinear shapes, then answer the last question.

Spr4.4.3 - Making shapes

Remember to log on to 'times table rockstars' to practice your multiplications.

Tuesday 19th January


Today we are going to continuing with finding the area by counting squares.  Listen to the next set of explanations and instructions on the video below.  Pause the video at 4:20 minutes then answer questions 1 to 4.  The second half of the video show you another method of calulating the area.  After watching the second part, answer questions 5 to 8. 


Are you ready Year 4? 

Spr4.4.2 - Counting squares

 Have a go at this emoji code breaker.

Each image represents a number.

For example:

               smileysad   smileysmiley

                               2  1   +    2  2  = 43



Monday 18th January


This week we are going to learn how to calculate the area of a 2D shape.  The area is the amount of space inside a shape.


Watch the video below.  It will help you to understand what area is.  After you have watched the video, click on the word document to access the worksheet.  One of the worksheets is easier.  The answers are provided for you to check your answers after you have completed the worksheet.



Spr4.4.1 - What is area?

Friday 15 January


Two tasks today.


(Also, remember that you can always top up your work

with a TT Rockstars or a Hit The Button workout.

Can you beat your best score?)



Task 1


Here are the final questions for grid multiplication.

Do as many as you can. (The first has been done for you.)




200 + 300 = 500

50 + 60 + 15 = 125


500 + 100 = 600


1000 + 600 + 25 = 1625



Grid Method: 3 x 2 digits


8)  125 x 13 = 1625















9)  213 x 12 =















10)  125 x 12 =















11)  311 x 15 =















12)  123 x 23 =















13)  245 x 31 =
















Grid Method:  3 x 3 digits


1) 231 x 135 =



















2)  321 x 132 =



















3)  421 x 121 =



















4)  523 x 232 =



















5)  425 x 342 =



















Task 2


This week's revision is about subtraction.

How many of the six steps have you learned?

Year 4 Maths Revision: Subtraction

How many of the six steps do you know?Which number goes on the left?Can you explain the word 'difference'?

Thursday 14 January


Well done with learning Grid Multiplication.


Here are today's questions -

we are using three-digit numbers now.


Also, here is another video to help explain how the grid works.

What is the grid method of multiplication?

Find out what grid multiplication is and discover fun ways to practise multiplication.




500 + 100 = 600

600 + 15 = 615

Grid Method 3 x 1 digit


1)  123 x 5 = 615











2) 321 x 3 =











3)  245 x 3 =











4)  421 x 5 =











5) 531 x 4 =











6)  241 x 5











7)  159 x 3 =












Wednesday 13 January


Here are some questions where we multiply

a two-digit number by another two-digit number. 


Check you understand this first. You'll need it

when you multiply the two numbers in the tens columns.


2 x 2 = 4

20 x 2 is ten times bigger = 40

20 x 20 is ten times bigger AGAIN = 400


Here's a video to remind you how to multiply by multiples of ten.



Multiplying by 10 and 100

In this video we are looking at multiplying whole numbers by 10 and 100. We use a place value slider to show how digits move one column to the left when mult...


Grid Method:  2 x 2 digits

8)  62 x 14 = 868


600 + 200 = 800

 40 + 20 = 60


800 + 60 + 8 = 868












9)  45 x 15 =












10)  28 x 25 =












11)  21 x 16 =












12)  35 x 21 =












13)  41 x 25 =














If you would like an extra challenge,

have a go at this.


Can you explain how you worked out your answer?

Tuesday 12 January



Today we have some more practice

at using the grid method to multiply.

The first question has been done for you.


If you have some extra time,

can you beat your best time or score

somewhere on TT Rockstars?

Grid Method: 2 x 1 digit

1)  27 x 5  =


100 + 35 = 135









2)  26 x 3 =









3)  35 x 2 =









4)  47 x 3 =









5)  26 X 4 =









6)  31 X 5









7)  23 X 5 =












Monday 11 January


This week for our Numeracy work

we are going to focus on multiplication.




Today's challenge is to see if you remember

the six steps on this video.

If you can teach someone in your family about the six steps,

that would really show that you understand.

Can you teach someone?

Year 4 Maths Revision: Multiplication

A simple reminder about the grid method. Can you work out the six-steps-quiz?Could you teach your family?

Here are some practice questions. Do as many as you want to.




12 x 3




16 x  22




137 x 241

Friday 8th January

Times Tables

Today, we would like you all to practice your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.  Challenge yourselves.  Practice one that you know, then practice one that you would like to learn.


Do you know your 3x and 4x tables?  Do you know your 8x and 9x tables?


You can also practice using "Hit the Button" or try your skills using "Times Tables Flashcards".


Hit the button


Times table flashcards


This week we will be learning how to calculate the perimeter of a 2D shape.  The perimeter is the length around the outside of a shape.

Thursday 7th January

Today you are going to calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles.  Click on the link to access the worksheet.  There are two worksheets, one is easier.  The answers are provided for you to check your answers after you have completed the work. 

Wednesday 6th January


To help you to understand perimeter, there is a short video for you to watch.


Click on the link below to watch the video.
Can you answer the questions and complete the quiz.
See how many questions you answer correctly.
WE ARE CLOSED TODAY, MONDAY 25th, DUE TO THE SEVERE WEATHER...We are trying to raise money to support children at home with their learning. We will be doing a 24 Hour Live teach-a-thon. Here is the donation link