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​​​​​​Today is all about writing questions! Sometimes we need to put a question into our writing to engage the reader or move the story on. Can you think of what special piece of punctuation you use at the end of a question?




That's right! A question mark! This lets the reader know that you are asking a question. We also often use special words at the beginning of our question. Like who, what, where, when, why or how.


Watch this video that explains more.


Today you will look at the picture from the last page of Miss Maple's Seeds book, and we are going to write questions that we might want to know.



An example might be:


Where is Miss Maple going?


Can you write 5 more questions that you want to know about what is happening? It might be about the time of day, or what she will do next. Think about good wording for your question and write them. You need a capital letter at the beginning and don't forget your question mark at the end.