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Wednesday 14th July


In today's session we are going to work on our ball skills.


You will need a ball, and a jumper to use as a marker.


Please make sure that you have a lot of room around you, and make sure you are not near anything that is fragile or breakable.

Parents, you will need to supervise the children at all times during this session. They are going to need an empty wall to throw a ball against, so please help them with this, and check that the space around them is clear. Thank you.


Please copy the teacher on the screen. It would be lovely to see any photos of you taking part, so please send them in to


Have fun and be careful!

PH Sports Virtual PE Lessons - Catching - Key Stage 1

🤸‍♂️🤾🏽‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ Welcome to today's virtual PE lesson with PH Sports 🤼‍♂️🧘🏾‍♂️⛹️‍♀️ Today we will are practicing our catching, get those hands at the re...


Friday 9th July

Today we are doing some yoga with Sonic the Hedgehog. Find a good space in your house and copy Jamie as she takes you on an adventure with Sonic.




Sonic The Hedgehog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime for a SPECIAL yoga adventure inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! Step into Sonic's sneakers and find out how it feels to be the coolest hedg...

Wednesday 7th July


Welcome to today's PE session. Today we are going to be going on an adventure with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Watch Jaime and copy her moves carefully. 

Make sure you have lots of space while you complete this session and take care.





Monday 5th July

Today we are going on a bear hunt. Follow along with this yoga adventure.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about about going on a bear hunt! (Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen)⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest c...

Friday 12th February


Today we have a special cosmic kids yoga workout for Valentine's day! Have fun getting in some movement today. For an extra bit of PE, perhaps you can put some music on and do some dancing!


Valentine's Day Yoga For Kids! 💘 Yoga Club (Week 27) | Cosmic Kids

Get a huge Cosmic Kids hug as we wrap ourselves up in a Yoga Club all about Valentine's Day!⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you p...

Wednesday 10th February


Good morning everyone! It's another PE Day again! I hope you enjoyed Monday's workout with Joe Wicks. How much fun was it to dress up and do some PE? I am posting another workout today that is 23 minutes long. This was the one Joe did on Monday, but we are doing it today. Have fun!


PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 8th Feb

Monday 8th February


We have been learning so much about gymnastics in the last two weeks which you have done fantastic with. I thought we could do something different (and fun!) today and do a Joe Wicks workout. This is the workout from Friday, and it was dress up day! Go and get something fun to dress up in and take part in the workout. What a great way to start the week! Have fun!

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 5th Feb

Friday 5th February


Today we are working with shapes and balances! Your PE lesson is called Ship Shape. Look at the PE card and watch the video for instructions.

Ship Shape

Wednesday 3rd February


Today we are doing an activity called Sequence champions. We will be using moves like a tuck jump, star jump, a twist and more!


Watch the video for instructions. If you do not have dice at home, ask a grown up if you can google "dice roller" and you'll be able to find an electronic one. Have fun!

Sequence Champions

Monday 1st February


Good morning! We hope you were able to get outside for a walk, bike ride or scooter ride this weekend. Today we are going to play Jumping Dice! Look at the video and pdf for your instructions. Have fun!

Jumping Dice

Friday 29th January


Welcome to Friday's PE session! We are continuing to learn about gymnastics. Please send any photos of the children taking part to


Please follow the link below and copy the directions. Make sure you have plenty of space around you. You will need an adult to be in the room with you while you do this session. If you have a thin mat, like a yoga mat that would be useful, however not essential. Please do not do this on a hard or wooden floor.


Take your time and think about the balances that you have been practising so far this week. Today we are going to look at connecting them with some travelling in between.


Wednesday 27th January 2021


Today we are going to watch and join in with a video and learn all about the basic balancing moves and the names of them. 


Please follow the presentation and watch the video using the link on the Powerpoint, copy and paste the link into the search engine and the video should appear. 


Then have a go at practicing them and maybe you could even show them to your parents or siblings. 


Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)

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Monday 25th January


Welcome to Monday's PE session! We hope you are ready to do some Cosmic Yoga today?


First of all, please make sure that you have plenty of space around you, and stop the activity if anything starts to hurt you.


We are going to be learning about dinosaurs this week, so today we are going on an adventure with Tiny the T-Rex. Listen carefully and follow the actions!


We would love to see pictures of you taking part in the activity so please send them through to


Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

⭐ Yoga Quest is a Cosmic Kids challenge where you print out maps & check off Yoga Adventures!⭐ Get ONE MONTH FREE in January to complete Yoga Quest ad-free o...

Friday 22nd January


Today we are working on balancing!


We will be trying out different balances and seeing if we can make a sequence.


Look at the balancing card for your challenges and watch the video about putting a sequence together.

Balance Time

Wednesday 20th January 


Today we are going to practise some more gymnastics! 


Remember, clear a space in your house so that you aren't going to hurt yourself. 


You might also want an adult near you to help you. 

Have a go at this workout and send us some pictures of your efforts!


Gymnastics for Kids - 5+ yrs - Recreational Program - Full Workout

This video is about Gymnastics for Kids - 6+ yrs - Recreational Program - Full Workout

Monday 18th January


Today we would like you to practise some gymnastics skills. Here is a video showing you some simple exercises that you can practise at home. These exercises will help you to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. 


Remember to try to have some space around you when doing these exercises. You may also need an adult to help you as well. 


Send us some pictures of you holding these lovely gymnastic positions as well! 



Gymnastics for Kids - 3 to 5 yrs - Twinkles - Full workout

Gymnastics for Kids - 3 to 5 yrs - Twinkles - Full workout