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Summer Term 2



Now that you know more about the Maya civilization, we're going to look at and explore our Geography topic- Mexico. You can work through these activities over the next three weeks until the end of term. You don't need to print the worksheets out, just use your own paper and write your answers/research on it. 


1. Introduction


Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation below. Your first activity will be to fill out a chart listing what you already know about Mexico and what you would like to learn about Mexico. At the end of all your research and completed activities, you can fill in the last column-what you have learned.  

You can also take a look at the video below for more information about Mexico. 

2. Map of Mexico labelling activity sheet: 


Click on the file below and download the map of Mexico. There are three different maps, some are more challenging than the others. Pick the one you are most comfortable with. I then want you to label the different places. You may need to use some online resources to support you.  

3. All About Mexico research activity:


Explore the country of Mexico with this activity. Using the resources above and any research you can gather yourself about Mexico, record your findings on the graphic organiser linked below. 


4. Comparison study:


LO: I can understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom and a region within North America.


This activity will require you to research people and places of Mexico and compare them to people and places in England. Click and open the document below to download your booklet. There are examples of English people and places already on the booklet, however, you are more than welcome to pick other examples to compare if you wish. 

5.  All about Mexico Pop Quiz


Lastly, have a go at this quiz now that you know tons about Mexico! Why not try it out with your whole family and impress them with your knowledge! 




The Mayans

Summer Term 2


This half terms topic is all about the Mayans and Mexico. Open the powerpoint below to learn all about the Mayans and then complete the activity sheets as instructed in the powerpoint. You don't need to print the sheets out, you could use blank paper and fill it in yourself. 

Lost Lands

The Maya


This short (4 minute) video will help to give you an understanding of the Maya people and the world they lived in. It will help provide lots of information for your factfile and brochure

Electricity - Summer Term 1


Do you know what conductors and insulators are? Can you tell us which materials are good conductors of electricity? Click on the following link to learn more about conductors and insulators:


Here is a great website to find out more about electricity, including dangers and safety issues related to it. Read through each section in your own time and then take the power quiz to see how well you've done.



Take this quiz to find how much you now know about electricity - don't forget to let us know how you got on!


We hope you have learnt a lot from your research. Next we will be looking at electrical circuits and their components. 




Now complete the sentences below:


The electric current leaves the _______________ and passes through the __________. It then travels through the _______________, next through the ________________, and finally through the ______________before returning to the battery. 



To begin, we would like you to research how electricity is generated. Make notes of the facts you learn because they will help you later in this unit of work. This research may take you a few days as you gather information about the different fuel sources used to generate electricity and find (and save) pictures linked to this topic. 


Here is a link that you can start with:



We'll check back in a few days to find out how you're getting on with your research and to let you know what to do next.

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