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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become , inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


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Story of the Day

3rd June 2020


Today we are reading Fee Fi Fo Fum for the last time! Lets have a go at answering some questions about it too! 


Have fun!

2nd June 2020


I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday, we are going to read it again today and then do a different activity! 


We would like you to order the lifecycle of a bean stalk! 


Have a go and have fun!

1st June 2020

Hi everyone! 


We have another story for you today. 


It is called Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! 


What do you predict it will be about?


Have fun reading it!


2nd May 2020


Hey everyone! 


I hope you like this new story!


Today we are going to read it again, but we have some talk cards that you can use with your parents to talk about what is happening on different pages of the book. 


Have Fun!

21st May 2020



Today we have a new story! 


It is called Charlie the Firefighter! 


Have a go at writing a prediction/ or tell your parents what you think this story is about before you read it! 


We also have some sequencing that you can do afterwards!


20th May 2020


Today is the last day for this lovely story. 


We would love you to read the story again, so that it is fresh in your head and then answer some comprehension questions about it!



Have Fun!

19th May 2020

Today we are going to read the Runaway Iceberg again and then we would love it if you could label the penguin picture! 


Have a go! 


Don't forget to read the story first as well! 


Parents: I have also attached a powerpoint that has good guided reading questions for you to be asking about on each page. Each question can just be discussed with your child. 


18th May 2020


Today our story is: 

The Runaway Iceberg! 


We also have a sequencing activity for you to complete as well, after you have read the story! 


Have Fun!

15th May 2020

This is your third day n this story now, so I have some questions for you to answer. 


Read the story first if you want to, and then answer the questions. 


Have Fun!

14th May 2020

Today we are going to carry on with Rameenas Ramadan story, but today we would like you to sequencing the pictures for the story. 


You can read the story again, and then cut out the pictures and put them/stick them into the right order and tell the story yourself to your family! 

13th May 2020


Today we have a new story about Ramadan! How exciting! 


I have also attached something for you to make your own Ramadan calendar! 


Have fun!


12th May 2020


Hi everyone! Your story today is one that we have read in class before called The Lion Inside. It is one of Mrs Whittall's favourites. Can you spot some of the animals we've been talking about?

The Lion Inside Storytime

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

11th May 2020


Today we are going to carry on working on the Ronald the Rhino story, but today we want you to be looking for rhyming words, so here is the story again, and a powerpoint to help you look at the rhyming words! 


If you don't want to do the powerpoint, just see if you can write as many rhyming words as you can!


7th may 2020

Today we have a story called Ronald the Rhino! 


Have a read and then there is some pictures with thought bubbles. We would like you to have a go at writing down what you think Ronald was thinking at different points in the story! 


 6th May 2020


We have some reading comprehension for you today, based on the story you read yesterday! Don't worry if you didn't get chance to do it yesterday, you can still go back and read it now!

5th May 2020

Hiya Everyone! 


Our story today is called "The Zoo Vet"


There is a sequencing activity to complete after reading the story if you want to!

4th May 2020

Good morning everyone! 


Today your story is: 


The Gruffalos Child! 

The author of this story is: Julia Donaldson

The illustrator is: Axel Scheffler


Enjoy the story!

Year 1 Class Read: The Gruffalo's Child

Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler


Year 1 Class Read: The Gruffalo's Child

Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

1st May 2020


Today we would love it if you could read to us!


If you can, why don't you video yourself reading your favourite book in your house and send it to us!


Our email is:

28th April 2020



Hi Everyone! 




Mr Jordan has read you a story today again! 

How amazing is that!!


It is called: The Way Back Home

The Author and the Illustrator is: Oliver Jeffers!


24th April 2020

Mr Jordan has read you a story today! How exciting! 


Its called: This is not my hat! 

By Jon Klassen

23rd April 2020


Todays story is linked to our geography topic 


The book is about a boy who goes on an imaginary safari trip and visits all the animals he likes. ENJOY 😊

Story of the week

22nd April

Today the story is: Flat Stanley


The author is Jeff Brown

The Illustrator is: Rob Biddolph




Monday 20th April 2020



Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett watch video on You tube and try to read it with an adult.


Miss Lee presents Meerkat Mail

Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

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