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We have a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Providing a creative, challenging and inspiring curriculum for all. Equiping our children with the skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


We will be writing today and tomorrow, so if you want to do part of your story today, you can do the rest tomorrow.


Yesterday we drew a story map and wrote short sentences. You'll need those today to help you.


Today we will start writing our stories by adding more detail. 


Mrs Whittall's story:


One lovely day, high up in the sky there was a beautiful unicorn called Rainbow Sparkle. She was jumping and dancing from cloud to cloud when all of a sudden she tripped and fell quickly out of the sky. It scared her so much that she became afraid of heights and she didn't want to go back into the sky. She walked from park to park and tried to have fun like other unicorns. She never wanted to fly again. Rainbow Sparkle tried the swings and she tried the slide, but she just didn't have as much fun.


Just then her friends came to play with her. They loved having fun together. They would play hide and seek and race each other. On this day they wanted to play tag. Rainbow Sparkle said they needed to stay on the ground. Her friends agreed but as they were playing they got so excited and started to fly high up into the sky. Rainbow Sparkle nearly stopped, but she was having so much fun so she followed them. She then realised that she was high up on a cloud! And she loved it! At that moment she was having too much fun to be scared. She learned she wouldn't always fall off of the clouds and that she could carry on having fun with her friends.




Use a piece of paper and write your story about your character.

Send them in to your teachers once you are finished so we can read them!

Happy writing!

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