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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

91.1% (Since September 2020)


​​​​​​Today we are thinking about nouns, verbs and adjectives for our story The Enormous Turnip!



Noun: person, place or thing (ie: baby)

Verb: a "doing" word that describes an action (ie: run)

Adjective: a word we use to describe something (ie: blue or tiny)


On the sheet, there are 15 words. Put them under the correct heading. The answers are there for you too, but don't peek until you've had a go.

Welcome to Anglesey Primary School...Unfortunately we have had to close the Y5 bubble. We’d been doing so well. Remember if you or your child has COVID symptoms or are tested positive, please self isolate to protect others…Thank you