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Week starting 12/07/21

This week I have posted you a different reading piece and comprehension each day.

This is not all you should be doing. We still expect you to be accessing Oxford Reading Buddy, Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars every day!



With each reading activity there are three different levels with one star being easiest. You choose the level that best suits you and only do that one.

Tuesday 12th July

Today's comprehension is all about the Wimbledon Tennis competition held in the South of England.

Wednesday 13th July

We have another sporting comprehension today, this time based on the tour de France (did you know that sometimes, part of the tour is held in Yorkshire too!)

Thursday 14th July 

Today we are looking at Hindu Gods, unlike Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Hinduism has many gods.

Friday 15th July

Maybe we don't want to be thinking about football anymore, and I can't blame you for feeling that way. But today we are going to learn a little about the FA cup which takes place in the UK.