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Hi everyone, today's task is to begin writing a letter. We will write the first half today and finish the second half tomorrow. The letter is for your new teacher and whilst we don't know who that is just yet, it gives you change to ask them questions and tell them all about you. 


The key skill today is: Using formal language.


Remember: formal language is polite and professional. 


Look back at the letters from yesterday to remind yourself how they are written.


Begin the letter with a formal greeting: Dear teacher, or To whom it may concern,.


After this leave a line and begin your first paragraph.


Paragraph one


What to include:


Start with a question about the teacher, perhaps you want to know how they are. Use the rest of this paragraph to tell them about yourself, your favourite lessons and your interests, for example:


How are you? I hope that you are well. My name is _____________ and I am ____ years old. My favourite lesson is literacy because you get to write lots of different types of texts. I enjoy running, singing and playing with my friends.


After this leave a space and get ready for paragraph two.


Paragraph two.


What to include:


This paragraph should be all about next year. What questions do you have for your new teacher? How are you feeling about your new class? For example,


What topics are we going to learn in year three? Is the work much harder than year two? Are we going to go on any exciting trips next year? I am really excited to start the new year but also a little nervous. I am nervous about being in a different building but so excited for the new huge playground!


We will pause here for today. Good luck with your writing and have fun!