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This weeks literacy is going to be about story writing! 

We are going to use the story that we worked on last week, "Humpty Dumpty: After the Fall", to write our own stories.

Just like we did with Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs in school, we are going to be changing things about the story to make it our own.


These are the main things that we know about Humpty Dumpty at the beginning of the story:



Today's task: Choose your character!


I would like you to think about a character that you would like in your story. It won't be Humpty Dumpty, it needs to be something different - anything you want! I asked my daughter Ella to help me with this and she chose her own character: a Unicorn! She named her unicorn Rainbow Sparkle.


If you have a character in mind, please draw your character on a plain piece of paper.

If you need help drawing your character you can go to our favourite art youtube channel Art for Kids hub. Ella searched for a unicorn and followed the video to draw hers.


Once you have your character drawn, you need to give it a name. Write it above.


Then, decide on something that happens to your character.

For example: Ella has written that her unicorn can fly, but it falls out of a cloud.


Then, choose what your character is afraid of. Ella's unicorn is afraid to fly.



Well done, you're finished for today, tomorrow we'll think about how we can solve the problem.


Don't forget to colour your character! 


Your teachers would love to see your pictures! 


Email them to: with your name and class.



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