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The Write Stuff

'The Gruffalo'


This week we are looking at the story ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.



Yesterday we looked at the part of the story where the fox ran off and the Gruffalo looked sad, upset and worried. Hopefully you did some excellent work talking about how the Gruffalo was feeling.


For today’s lesson please watch and listen to the video again (below)

and pause it at 9mins 22sec.


Take a look at a close-up picture of the story below.

Here you can see that now the Gruffalo runs off.


Now, for this lesson we are going to look at the ‘action’ lens for our discussion and writing.


I want you to think about how the Gruffalo ran off.

Does he wander slowly off?! Does he slither away like a snake?! 

Nooooooo!- of course he doesn’t! I was just trying to get you to correct me!


Talk with a family member about how the Gruffalo ran away and have a go at writing words that describe how he ran.


He ran......


Here are some examples:
- fast
- quickly


-in a hurry.


Now…I’ve got a sentence in my head for this picture … my sentence is…


In a hurry, he ran away.


Maybe you can come up with your own verbal sentence to describe how the Gruffalo ran away, and make sure you try and use full sentences.


You could even have a go at using your phonics to write your own sentence about the picture.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson (read by Anglesey Primary School)

Author - Julia DonaldsonPublisher - Macmillan Publishers