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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become, inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

91.1% (Since September 2020)



Hello and welcome to Anglesey Primary School’s SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) zone.  My name is Miss Francis and I am the SENDCo Lead.  I am passionate about working with children and their families with additional needs providing and supporting their progress every step of the way.  I work with the senior leadership team, teachers, school support staff and outside agencies so that the children and their families are supported at all points of their journey.  My focus as SENDCo is to ensure that your child’s needs are met to enable them to reach their potential.


The Speech and Language Resource Base opened on the 1st October 2012. We provide places for up to 16 children from Foundation, KS1 and KS2.  The children attending the Resource Base have an Education Health Care Plan with a specific developmental language disorder (DLD).  Rather than the school’s usual admission procedure the children are directed to the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Team (SENAR).  Visits to Anglesey SLCN Resource Base are welcome and can be made on an individual basis with myself.  To make an appointment please contact the main office on 01214644388.



Our Commitment to Equality

Equality and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do at Anglesey. We have a passion to include everyone and a deep desire to treat everyone equally. We accept others for who they are and respect differences.


Our aim is to ensure that all its students achieve their full potential, regardless of differentiating needs. If a student has special educational and/or disability needs (SEND), as a school we will take every reasonable step to identify and meet them. Further information on the policy and provision for SEND can be obtained from the school. Students with SEND who do not have an Educational Health Care Plan will be admitted on an equal basis with others in accordance with our admissions policy.

Where a child has an Education Healthcare Plan, and the Local Authority is proposing to name Anglesey on the plan, we will agree to the child’s admission. The only reason for not doing so is if the inclusion of that child would be incompatible with the education of other children and there are no reasonable steps the school could take to resolve this. 


We have an open door policy where we will discuss with the parent/carer, the child’s class teacher and/or the Inclusion Lead regarding the parent’s concerns. If the parent feels this has not resolved the issue, then it can be raised with the Head Teacher, SEN governor or Chair of governors who would be available to help resolve the situation. We would also involve other relevant professionals where they may be of help and have worked with other agencies such as SENDIASS to enable problems to be resolved in the past.

Birmingham Local Offer Website is:
Welcome to Anglesey Primary School…Please complete the general consent form on the ‘My Child at School’ app by Friday 22nd October. Log in and click the three lines at the top left-hand corner. Select ‘Parental Consent’. There is a list for you to give consent for e.g. Going on a local trip on the minibus. You select either Yes or No. Thabk you for taking the time to do this it really is important.