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2nd July 2020

In todays RE lesson we will be looking at why Sikhs look after and care for others by providing a  Langar (free meal) at their Gurdwaras.

click below on the file document and learn all about the Langar and do the attatched activties.

The practice of Langar

The practice of Langar at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi

24th June 2020


Today in our RE lesson we will be learning about the Gurdwara. The Gurdwara is a special place of worships for Sikhs. We will be learning about the key features and what happens in a Gurdawara in the powerpoint below.Also one of the most famous Gurdwaras is the Golden temple in Amritsar in India, you can learn more about it by taking a look at the video below.

The Golden Temple Amritsar - History and Facts for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi presents The Golden Temple : Fun fact series episode 10. The Golden Temple is regarded as the most sacred place of worship for the Sikhs....

17th June 2020


Today in our RE lesson we will be finding out about the life of Guru Nanak, he was the founder of the Sikh religion. Below is a video for you to watch about the life story Guru Nanak. There is also a comprehension  task for you to read and answer questions.

The story of Guru Nanak | Religious Studies - Stories for Collective Worship

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. A clip telling the story of the life and teachings of Guru Nanak - the founder of Sikhism. Subscribe for more Religious Studies ...

10th June 2020

In todays lesson we will look at some of the beliefs in the Sikh religion and why the  Five K's are important for the Sikhs.

The Beginnings of Sikhism

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The Five Ks of Sikhism

BBC video describing the 5 K's (articles of faith) of the Sikh faith.

Now watch the video below and see if you can remember the 5Ks and talk about them with a grown up.

Sikhism - The Five Ks

Episode 2 - The kids of the Khalsa club go through what the Five Ks are? And what they mean for Sikhs? Watch out for an appearance from their special friends!

3rd June 2020


This term in Year 1 we will be learning about Sikhism during our RE lessons.Take a look at the PowerPoint below to find out what are the beliefs and customs of the Sikh religion.

Who am I? What's on my Head? by (Sikhism for Children, Kids, and Schools) Sikh Faith

LittleSikhs is glad to present our second video 'WHO AM I? WHAT'S ON MY HEAD?' an animated video compiled by Manpreet Singh and voice over by Japman Singh. T...

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