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The Lorax


Comprehension questions.

Listen carefully and read along with the story of The Lorax.

Now have a go at these questions. You don't have to write down your answers, but you could discuss what you think with a family member.


1. Why do you think The Once-ler doesn't see anybody or

    come out of his house now?

2. Why does The Lorax  get angry with The Once-ler?

3. Why do you think The Once-ler makes all those Thneeds?

4. How do you think the animals, birds and fish feel when they

    have to leave their homes?

5. What happens to the environment as The Once-ler makes

    more and more Thneeds?

6. Where do you think The Lorax goes at the end of the story?

7. What do you think the boy does at the end of the story?