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Welcome to Anglesey Primary School!


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

95.34% Total

Term Dates

Teacher training days will be published on the front page of this site.
*All dates are subject to change.



School holidays 2018-2019


Autumn Term


Spring Term


Summer Term

3rd September until 29th October 2018

(Teacher Training Days are 3rd and 4th September) Children return on Wednesday 5th September 2018)


Children in school from 7th January 2019 until

15th February 2019


Children in school from

29th April until

24th May 2019


Half term holiday

29th October until 2nd November 2018

Half Term

18th February until 22nd February 2019

Half Term

27th May until

31st May 2019

Children in school from

5th November until 20th December 2019

Children in school from

25th February until 12th April 2019

Children in school from

3rd June until

Thursday 18th July 2019


There will be teacher days added to these dates which will be announced nearer the date.


Teacher days:

21st December 2019

24th may 2019

19th July 2019

22nd July 2019

Welcome to Anglesey Primary School...Message from Ms Hughes and Mrs Powell- "We would like to thank all of the parents for their support over the years and for their kind gifts. We will miss you all." Children in Years 1-6 return to school on Wednesday 4th September 2019