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Hi everyone, today's tasks are below:


Task 1 - Editing your work.

Look at the work you completed yesterday and do the following:


  • Ensure all words are spelt correctly. You can use a dictionary to help you (available online).
  • Check you have used the best language possible. You can use a thesaurus to help you (available online).
  • Make sure all your sentences begin with capital letters and end with full stops.
  • Read your work out loud to make sure all the sentences make sense.
  • Share your work with another member of your household.


Task 2 - Re-writing and creating an introduction.


Using the worksheet below, attempt a second draft of your work. This time, attempt to include an introduction. An introduction is a short paragraph that comes before the main section of work. 

Introductions include the following:


  • A sentence that explains what your work is all about.
  • A sentence that summarises what you are going to talk about. A list sentence is good for this.


Example: This piece of work is a geographical comparison between coastal towns and cities. I will discuss natural features, human-made features and the differences in landscape.


Have fun!