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Monday 30th June 2020


Anglo- Saxon




Anglo Saxons


Read the information sheet above and then try to answer these questions. They are RETRIEVAL questions which means you have to read the text carefully to find the answers.




1.  What year was it when the ROMANS first successfully raided Britain

2.  The PICTS invaded Britain but where were they from?


3.  The British King asked his two brothers in Denmark to help him fight the PICTS and the SCOTS. What were the names of the two brothers?


4.   Early Anglo Saxons were PAGANS and worshipped many gods and goddesses but what religion  did they convert (change) to around 597 AD?


5.      What did King Oswald give to Aiden the monk?



Wednesday 24th June 2020


In History we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons. 


Go through the PowerPoint about Anglo-Saxon Village life and list some of the jobs that they did.



Friday 19th June 2020


Learn about Anglo Saxan King Alfred



Thursday 18th June 2020


For a long time (around 1500 years) the main religion in England has been Christianity.


What religion did the Anglo-Saxons follow?


The Anglo-Saxons  who ruled England around 1500 years ago were pagans when they came to  Britain, but, as time passed, they gradually converted to Christianity. Pagans worshiped lots of different gods but the Chief God is called Woden (Odin).


Carefully read the information about Woden below and then answer the questions. You could write your answers down or you could just discuss your answers with someone in your family. 

Woden; The chief God of Anglo-Saxons


Thursday 11th June 2020


Write a message to your teacher using the Anglo-Saxon Alphabet.



Wednesday 10th June 2020


Anglo Saxons


Learn a little bit about ancient British history by reading this information and watching the videos about the Anglo Saxons. At the end of the YouTube video there is a quiz so make sure you listen to all the information carefully. 


KS2 History: the Anglo-Saxons

Click here to get access to FREE Key Stage 2 tests: In this one, Henry from How2Become covers the KS2 History topic of th...

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