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Did you enjoy the story Oliver's Vegetables yesterday?


Today we are going to be writing lists! We use lists for all sorts of things like: a list of things to pack for a holiday, a list of your favourite books, a list of your family members and many more! Today we will be writing a shopping list. When we write a shopping list we normally write it vertically down a page, like this:








Sometimes we will use numbers next to each word and maybe even a heading at the top, like this:

My Shopping list:

1. Cereal

2. Bread

3. Milk

4. Eggs

5. Potatoes


This helps us to organise the list so we don't forget anything that we need!


But first, you will be writing a list of all of the vegetables that Oliver tried in the story. You may have to go back and watch the video here:



Oliver's Vegetables

Next, talk to a grown up and ask them to help you write a shopping list. You can add anything to your list, but make sure it includes some vegetables! Perhaps you can add some vegetables to your list that Oliver tried. You can use the sheet below or write it on a piece of paper that you have at home.