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Tuesday 2nd March


To finish our series on humour,

we have a funny story and some questions.


As it is World Book Week,

we have chosen a funny book for you to learn about ...

Maz Evans introduces VI SPY: LICENCE TO CHILL

Pull up a chair, and watch the brilliant MAZ EVANS, author of WHO LET THE GODS OUT?, introduce her new book - VI SPY: LICENCE TO CHILL.Illusrated by Jez Tuya...

Here are some questions for you ...

Tuesday 23rd February


Red Nose Day


Isn’t it great to have fun?

Isn’t it great to make people smile?

That is what Red Nose Day is for.


Red Nose Day is a charity event that takes place every year to bring awareness to child poverty.  Poverty is not having enough money to buy things we need e.g. food, clothes etc.  All donations to the charity go to Comic Relief and the Red Nose Day Fund.  The money goes towards helping children with education, medicine and food.  We wear red noses to raise money and bring some fun whilst highlighting a serious problem


These charities will continue to raise money and awareness to make sure children who need help the most are safe, healthy and educated.


Listen to children explain Red Nose Day.


Kids Explain Red Nose Day // Presented by BuzzFeed & Walgreens


Click on the word document below to access the worksheet.

Today is also 


Safer Internet Day


Head over to


for all sorts of activities and information ...

Tuesday 9th February





Comic Relief: Red noses will be plastic free in 2021 (with Richard Curtis) | Newsround

Funny red noses have been a big part of Comic Relief for many years, but they've gotten a bit of a makeover ahead of next year's event - the noses have been ...

We have been thinking about humour.

Can you see a connection

between what we have been discussing and Comic Relief?


Can you research about Comic Relief?

What is it?

How long has it been going?

What will be different this year?

How will humour help lots of people?

Maybe you could think about what we could do at school this year ...


Remember that it is on March 19th,

so we might only be back at school

for a little while before then.

Red Nose Day. Funny is Power.

Let's face it, we all need a laugh right now... Red Nose Day is back on Friday 19th March and this year it's never felt more important to have some fun and...

Dame Judi Dench and Benedict Cumberbatch Unite Us | Red Nose Day 2021

Let's face it, we all need a laugh right now and I think we can all agree that this is pretty funny. Dame Judi Dench and Benedict Cumberbatch have ...

Can you think of a time when you were feeling sad or worried,

then something made you laugh

and you felt a little better?


Have a look at this story and see if it helps you remember.

First Grade Dropout

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in school?

Why do you think people sometimes laugh

when someone else has a trip or a fall?


Why is it helpful sometimes to laugh at yourself

when you embarrass yourself?


How could we help someone feel better

by using humour in a kind way

when they are feeling embarrassed?


You could discuss all these questions

with someone in your family.

Are their views similar or different to yours?




A clown tries to make us laugh.

A clown dresses in a funny way to help us laugh.

Can you research some images of clowns?

Could you design your own clown character?

What clothes will you use?

What colours?

Will your clown have make up?

The Quartermaster's stores - Sing Up

This is a signed version of a fun folk song that is great for singing on an excursion or round a campfire. It has some brilliant 'nonsense' rhymes. http://ww...

Listen to this song.

Do you know it?

Join in with the singing?

Join in with the sign language?

Lots of people agree with these statements ...

What do you think?


# Laughter helps our bodies relax,

so we can think more clearly,

feel happier and be less stressed.


# It helps us feel closer to other people

when we laugh together about something we have shared.


# Laughter also helps our bodies fight disease and illness.





When have you laughed more than any other time?


Do you laugh more when you are on your own? 

Or when you share something funny with others?

Why do you think this is?

Can you make up your own rhyming verse

in the style of the song 'The Quartermaster's Stores'?

Use the names of children in your class!


What type of cartoon do you find funny - and why?


Can you name a book that you think is funny? Why is it funny?


Can you remember thinking a picture or drawing was funny? Why was it funny?


Do you sometimes find something funny

when someone else doesn't?



Watch one of these videos.


Some people think these stories are full of humour.

What is your opinion?

The book With No Pictures - by BJ Novak


One more sheep

A children's story about believing those close to you while counting to 10

Could you write a review

about a funny book, computer game or TV programme

and say why it makes you laugh?


How about interviewing a family member

about what makes them laugh?

Tuesday 12 January


This week's PHSE is about democracy.

It has been in the news a lot recently.

Can you explain how democracy works?


If you follow the link below,

you will be able to watch a short video.

You don't need to look at anything else on the link

(except that you can check your answers to the questions!)

Video questions

  • Who were the suffragettes? 
  • Who can vote in an election in the UK? 
  • What does the word 'democracy' mean? 
  • Who was the leader of the suffragettes? 
  • In what year did some of Britain's women finally get the vote? 

23 November



We are learning about: Fire Safety.

Watch this Youtube video

by following the link below or type 

'Fire Safety Education Video' in the search section








Do you recognise this footballer? Marcus Rashford has been in the news this week for scoring against Paris. However, he has also been in the news many times over the last few months for a completely different reason - nothing to do with football.




Can you find out what he has been doing?

How do we know that the Queen was impressed?

How impressed are you?


Write to us at if you would like to show us what you have found out.