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SATs 2020

We're going to upload the tests each day as they would have been given to you for the week.


Monday - Spelling


Tuesday - Reading


Wednesday - Arithmetic & Reasoning 1


Thursday - Reasoning 2


Friday - Answers


Again, don't feel you have to do any of these or all of these. Pick and choose what you like. And make sure you have completed the daily learning activities for maths, writing and reading before moving on to this.



Reasoning 1


The English tests are done and it's on to the maths. There is a reasoning paper today and there will be another one tomorrow.


Don't forget to email in your answer so we can see how you have got on.


Happy learning!

We hope those of you who attempted the spellings did really well. Today's test would have been reading so we have put up the reading paper. There's no need to print anything off just have the questions and text open on your computer and write your answers on a piece of paper,


Please do email us to tell us what you think of this year's SATs.


Good luck. 

Spellings 2020

Words from the 2020 KS2 spelling paper