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        Friday 5th February 2021



Today we are starting Chapter 10 of Gangsta Granny - read by Ms Duncan.  We hope you are enjoying the story. We sure do!

Gangsta Granny Chapter 10

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins.

Today we would like you to continue predicting. Your job is to listen to the chapter and at the end I want you to make a prediction about what is going to happen next. You need to think about what are the next events, how will it affect the characters, how will the story change? Will there be a twist?

Thursday 4th February 2021


I love this story. Listen to and read Chapter 9 of Gangsta Granny, and then have a go at the questions underneath.

Gangsta Granny Chapter 9

Miss Duncan reads chapter 9 of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins.



1. Italics are a special way of writing words. The letters slant forwards, to the right. Italics are used to emphasize key words and tell the reader to stress the word as they read it.


Find the seven examples of words written in italics in the text. Read the sentences out loud to hear how the italics change how the words are read.


2. Why do you think granny was known as 'The Black Cat' ?


3. There is a simile on Page 78. What animal is granny compared to when she asks Ben to keep a secret? 


4. What do you think an 'oath' is? (Page 79)


5. What do you think Ben's mum and dad would say to granny if they found out that she tried to steal some jewellery from the jewellery shop.


6. Can you say, or write 1 sentence to summarize what has happened in this chapter? When you summarize a story you have to retell, or rewrite it, using your own words. You leave out most of the information and just keep the key details.


Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Today we will be continuing on from yesterday.  Please watch and listen to the story and then have a go at the questions below.

Gangsta Granny Chapter 8

Miss Duncan reads chapter 8 Gangsta Granny written by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins

A Small Wig in a Jar


1) What hyperbole describes contents of Granny’s biscuit tin (page 67)? 


2) What alliteration describes Ben (page 67 too)?



3) What assonance do Ben’s family eat on Saturday nights (page 70)? 


4) What assonance describes the noise Ben heard outside Granny’s bungalow (page 72)?


5) What simile describes Granny’s appearance (page 72 too)?


6) What simile describes the way Granny steered her scooter (page 73)?





Intensity means

a) strain                      b) strength                 c) stress fracture


Obvious means

a) clean                        b) clear                      c) Clive of India


Startle means

a) smock                       b) shock                    c) Captain Spock


Tuesday 01/02/2021



Wow, chapter 6 was so exciting, isn't Miss Duncan talented with all those fantastic voices. These videos are becoming a huge hit.


It's that time again for some prediction.


Have a listen to chapter 7 and I want you to make predictions. These are a really important part of your understanding of a story. What will happen next, how will the story unfold, what new directions will the characters take?

Gangsta Granny Chapters 6 & 7

Miss Duncan reads chapters 6 & 7 of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross and published by HarperCollins

    Monday 1st February 2021


Read chapter 6 only of Gangsta Granny and answer the questions below the video.


  1. “The next morning, the air was thick with silence”. What do you think this means?
  2. Can you come up with another adverbial phrase instead of “The next morning”?
  3. On page 57, the author has written “as they sat in her rundown little kitchen”. Using a dictionary, can you find out what the word ‘rundown’ means?
  4. Ben hated the way his Granny made his eggs. Imagine you and Ben are best friends. What type of breakfast would you make for him?
  5. “Granny trundled out of the room”. Using a dictionary can you find out what ‘trundled’ means?
  6. Ben discovered a tin full of diamonds and jewels. Where do you think Granny got these jewels from? Do you think they belong to her?
  7. What does ‘reluctantly’ mean? Use a dictionary/google to find out.
  8. Predict what you think Ben will do with the jewels in the next chapter.