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At Anglesey, we are a vibrant and nurturing school community, where children are given the skills to become , inquisitive, resilient, independent learners. Our curriculum provides a range of creative, challenging and inspiring experiences for all. This equips our children with the life skills to be happy, flourish and be successful...Today, tomorrow and in the future


Whole School Attendance

The schools total attendance is currently at:

95.34% Total

Year 5

Children are being invited to come to school next week to meet their new teachers and collect their reports. 


See below for your child's new teacher(s), date and time.




Mrs Patel

1pm-2pm Thursday 16th July



Mrs Hussain

2pm-3pm Thursday 16th July



Mrs Davies/Mrs Rose/

Mrs Skinner

11am-12pm Thursday 16th July



Mr Singh

12pm-1pm Thursday 16th July

The staff in the year group will be regularly updating this page with work for you to complete at home during the school closure. There are many links to websites that can help you to learn at home. Please make sure that you have a good routine at home each day and remember to stay safe!





A suggested timetable


Here is a suggested timetable for the week beginning Monday 6th July 2020 that you might like to follow.

Scroll down the page to the correct subject and find the correct lesson.


There are also activities further down the page for art, Mandarin, ICT and Music.


Please also see the section about the videos, shows and audio that the BBC have produced for all children to watch and listen to from Monday 20th April.







These children deserve some special recognition as they are currently reading at least 3 book bands above that expected for their age on Oxford Reading Buddy.

A huge well done to the following Anglesey Bookworms!


Nursery: Muhammad Abdinasir, Muhammad Yunus Tariq, Nada Abdullahi, Nuha Hussain, Farha Nabe, Joshua Fofana and Maryam Ali

Reception: Mohammad Abbas Chowdhury, Muhammad Usman Khan and Zulaikha Nazir

Year 1: Azaan Shoaib,  Inayah Hussain and Mohammed Abdul Qayyum

Year 2: Tanushra Naba, Ahmad Sarwar, Ahmadsaid Said, Ayub Abdullahi, Mohammad Abdul Muhaymin, Yusuf Rehman, Haris Siddique and Maryam Chowdhury.

Year 3: Imanah Sattar and Tasha Siddique

Year 4: Amanah Hussain, Isa Hayat Ali and Umairul Islam Choudhury

Year 5: Tameem Iqbaal

Year 6: Children need to complete level 20 to be mentioned here.

Oxford Reading Buddy 


Year 5 Readers of the Week 03/07/20

Congratulations to:


Muhammed Faizan (5BG), Fahim Hussain (5F), Subhan Wajahat (5O) and Momin Hussain (5S)


but also a big shout out to:


5BG: Majidur Sultana, Muhammad Yaaseen Miah and Sadat Nahar


5F: Abdisabur Ahmed, Danial Rahman, Fatima Alam, Mohammed Hamaad Kayani, Rehnuma Jahrat, Saeed Miah and Tameem Iqbaal


5O:  Ayaan Mohammed Ali, Iman Arfan, Majidur Rahman and Suhana Begum


5S: Ibrahim Ali, Kacee Hewitt, Muad Farah, Noorulain Shaheen and Said Neda 


 who are also making excellent progress in their reading!!!


Well done to 5F and 5O who both had more children reading last week!




  Target Reading Band for Year 5 Children Number of children reading this week Number of children making good progress in reading
5BG Band 16 36% (41% last week)

18% (18% last week)

5F Band 16 59% (55% last week) 50% (50% last week)
5O Band 16

59% (32% last week)

45% (41% last week)
5S Band 16 39% (30% last week) 48% (48% last week)



See how Year 5 classes are doing in the school league table below!


Great to see 5F still in the top 10!

This takes into account the number of children reading, how many are making good progress and how many are working at their target book band.


Position Class


Attainment +

Progress +


           1st                         2C             157                         
2nd 1D 154
3rd 4M 153
4th 2S 147
5th 2K 144
6th RP 140
7th SL1/2 135
8th 1L 130
9th 1W 127
10th 5F 123
11th 2B 113
12th 5O 109
13th 4D 94
14th 4C and 5S 87
15th 3P 85
16th RL 77
17th NKM 76
18th RB and 3D 73
19th NN and 6H 70
20th 6P 69
21st 3J 65
22nd 5BG 59
23rd 6B 32
Picture 1

Oxford Reading Buddy


Latest news from Oxford


If you are using an IPAD to log in please make sure you have iOS11 or above.


If you have any difficulties accessing Oxford Reading Buddy do get in touch using your year group email so we can try and resolve it for you.


Also, if you notice books that have been read already reappearing, this is not a fault. Books will reappear if your child needs another opportunity to improve their quiz score in order for them to progress to the next book band.



Another fun reading website for you to enjoy during the school closure. 


This one is designed for children who find reading more challenging as it revisits phonics.


This site follows the phonics scheme we use in school so is a really good one to use alongside Oxford Reading Buddy.


Click on the link below.



I have managed to find a great website offering free phonics games and support for parents during the school closure.


If your child finds reading more challenging then revisiting some phonics will be really useful to support them.


Click on the link below.





Take a look! 

Sherlock Holmes, a graphic novel. Part 2

Read by Baby Singh & Mr Singh

Mr Singh and Baby Singh read a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel

Year 5 at The BrigHouse, 11th March 2020

Making gingerbread at The BrigHouse

Welcome to Anglesey Primary School...Parents and carers, you are invited to meet your child’s new teacher and collect your child’s report. Look in the ‘Covid-19 Parent Support‘ page and open the parents appointment letter. We look forward to seeing you all again.