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Hi everyone! Today we are going to be finishing our letter. As with any piece of writing, the first step is to read what we completed yesterday and to edit!


Task 1 - Editing your work.

Look at the work you completed yesterday and do the following:


  • Ensure all words are spelt correctly. You can use a dictionary to help you (available online).
  • Check you have used the best language possible. You can use a thesaurus to help you (available online).
  • Make sure all your sentences begin with capital letters and end with full stops.
  • Read your work out loud to make sure all the sentences make sense.
  • Share your work with another member of your household.


Task 2 - Complete your letter.


Paragraph 3: Hopes


In this paragraph, you can tell your new teacher what you hope to do in key stage 2 and why. You can also mention good memories from key stage one. Remember to keep the writing polite and formal. For example,


In year 3, I would like to improve my maths knowledge and learn more about number. I would really enjoy going on some exciting trips. I really enjoyed going to the botanical gardens when I was in year 2, so something like that would be brilliant. 


Ending - signalled ending and Yours sincerely (formal goodbye)


It is important at the end of a formal letter to provide a sentence that shows the reader you are finished writing. Here are some examples:


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my letter.


That is all I have to say for now, but I look forward to seeing you next year.


After your closing line, you finish a letter by adding the following:


Yours Sincerely,


__________________________ (your name)


EXTENSION TASK: Sometimes after finishing a letter you remember something that you forgot to put in the text. This extra thought can be added right at the very end by using the letters P.S.


Try using the letters P.S. at the end of you letter to tell your new teacher one more fact about you. For example,


P.S. I am a superstar at football so I hope there is an after school club!


When you have finished writing, do a final edit of the whole piece of work and then send it to


Have fun!